Friday, April 08, 2005

Rev. Jessee Jackson Kicks off Cooperative Crime Task Force

Lynwood, CA - Rev. Jessee Jackson helped kick off the Mid-Cities Cooperative Crime Task Force formed last month by leaders in Carson, Compton, Long Beach, Lynwood and Paramount to do something about violence between blacks and Latinos.

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Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson,Governor Schwarzenegger,and the leaders of these deadly cities need to concentrate on making California the next "Right To Carry" state! Trying to get cooperation from criminals is simply not reality.Los Angeles County has been a killing field for the last twenty years,with no end in sight! From a public,as well as a personal safety standpoint, it is now time for law abiding citizens(not just law enforcement)to have the opportunity to protect themselves and their families.Concealed weapon permits are issued in most states here in the United States. They are also issued here in Los Angeles County as well.BUT,not for the AVERAGE CITIZEN!The opinion of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept.(check their website) is that no average citizen should have a concealed weapon permit for "personal convenience".YET,IT IS THE AVERAGE CITIZENS HERE THAT ARE BEING MURDERED!Let's not rely on task forces,celebrities,or elected officials(the second amendment does this)when it comes to our personal safety.

Anonymous said...

Um, I think that you are completely off base. Implicit in your argument about "deadly cities" is that the people of these cities, usually of the African American or Latino cultures, are criminals. You know that assertion is ridiculous. Think about it.