Monday, May 30, 2005

Commissioner Joins Bid for Lynwood City Council

Lynwood, CA - Aide Castro, a Block Grant Advisory Board member, listed on the City's website as Aide Ortiz, has filed form 410 at the office of Lynwood's City Clerk's Office.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Local Paper Reports on Multi-City Crime Taskforce

Lynwood, CA - Local newspaper reports that current councilwoman Leticia Vasquez Participated in a multi-city crime taskforce.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Local Newspaper Reports on Denial of Permit for Shelter

Lynwood, CA- Local newspaper reports that the Lynwood's Planning commission denied a permit for a shelter at 4271 Carlin Avenue.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Local Newspaper Reports on City's Response to Grievance Against Current Councilman Pedroza

Lynwood, CA- A local newspaper reports that the result of the investigation on the grievance against current councilmember Fernando Pedroza "failed to show that [Flores] suffered and adverse employment action".

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Event at Lynwood's Youth Center Suggests Campaign Kick Off for Councilman Pedroza

Lynwood, CA - Supporters of councilmember Fernando Pedroza, presumably United Families of Lynwood, hosted a Mother's day dinner at the City's Youth Center on Friday May 6, 2005. The event suggest the campaign kick-off for councilman Pedroza. Fernando Pedroza, Ramon Rodriguez, and Maria Santillan, must seek re election in the November 2005 City election.

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Newspaper Reports Drive-By-Shooting in Lynwood Suspects Caught

Lynwood, CA - Local newspaper reports that two people who shot a 14 year old were caught at a Long Beach 710 freeway on-ramp.

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Freeway Shooting at Intersection of I-710 and I-105

Lynwood, CA - ABC News reports that the California Highway Patrol investigates latest freeway shooting at the intersection of the I-710 and the I-105 freeways.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Local Newspaper Reports that Plaza Mexico is Under Fire

Lynwood, CA - Local newspaper reports that 2 leaked memos have put Donald Chae's Plaza Mexico project under fire.

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In another story, the paper reports that the City has passed an ordinance that it hopes will help solve the parking problems in the city.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Plaza Mexico Proposes 100 Million to 200 Million Investment on Long Beach Blvd

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Lynwood, CA - According to the owner of Plaza Mexico, Donald Chae, Plaza Mexico has invested over 50 million dollars in the shopping center, a figure, that he says, has not be equaled by anyone in 30 years. While they have no contracts with any major retailer, Mr. Chae argues that Plaza Mexico will bring high quality businesses to Lynwood. Plaza Mexico has brought at least two major firm names, Home Town Buffet, and Chucky Cheese's, and recently, La Curacao.

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