Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Paul Richards Arrested For Soliciting Prostitution

Lynwood, CA - Paul Richards was arrested on prostitution charges a week before the beginning of his trial on corruption charges next week. Information about the arrest can be found in the inmate lookup of the Sheriff Department’s website.

See arrest details here.

Inmate lookup URL:


Anonymous said...

I don't blame the guy, he wants to get some before he becomes another guy's girlfriend...20 to life is a lot of time!

Anonymous said...

This comment is inappropriate for a serious blog on getting corrupt officials out of office.

Oh wait... It's Lynwood Watch.

Anonymous said...

No wait.

It's the L.A. Times too.

What has journalism come to! What with all this rumor mongoring and all.

I guess all the rumors are true.

Today's L.A. Times confirms the reported "rumors" that reported on:

Paul Richards, indeed, was arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitution services. See Thursday's Los Angeles Times edition, California section.

Good catch, LynwoodWatch!

Keep up the good work.

The state can legislate ethics. But can it legislate character?


Anonymous said...

Editor, you aren't that bright are you... I said "comment" not "article."

But then again you don't usually cite articles from the L.A. times, you plagarize a couple of sentances and try to instigate hate toward polical adversaries of you and your friends....

Ahh Lynwood...

Anonymous said...

Ouch. tough crowd, Lynwood.

Like I said, you can't legislate character.

From one side of your virtual mouth, comes this:" aren't that bright..." (read: an insult)

From the other:" try to instigate hate".
(read: trying to instigate hate).

Wow. I'm impressed. You are bright.


Anonymous said...

Editor, you ain't got game, so quit while you're ahead.


Anonymous said...

hey lynwood watch, if you're legit, post on the fact that 14 candidates filed for the next council election.

Anonymous said...

12 candidates, not 14 silly!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so on the topic of elections even though I know a new thread should be added for this matter, what is the chance that Lynwood may lose another City Manager if and when new council members take office?

Anonymous said...

People don't mess with the new city manager, he is doing a better job then the last four. what city manager did you ever see get out of his office to look around our city to see what needs to be done, the presnt city manager does. why mess with a good thing. the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Anonymous said...

I just heard that the trial has been delayed again until September 20th ---- more charges are being added. I wonder if any of the elected officials have anything to do with the new charges: (Byrd/Hooper/Pedroza)

Anonymous said...

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