Monday, March 20, 2006

Paul Richards Sentenced to 15 Years.

Lynwood , CA - Former councilmember Paul Richards was sentenced Monday to 188 months, about 15 years in prison. Richards was convicted last November of 35 counts, including mail fraud, conspiracy, money laundering and lying to federal investigators, stemming from his secret control of a company that benefited from lucrative city contracts.

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Anonymous said...

The moral of the story: "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time"

Are you paying attention Lynwood Elected and appointed officials?

I guess he'll be out at 65 years old, just in time for retirement.

Anonymous said...

Well, I find it hard to believe that you're statement is true. Byrd, Fernando and Leticia are still free, and what's worst, they're in the coucil.

There is a rumor that Leticia tried tampering with the jury, if that were the case, she's still free.

Byrd voted on everything with Richards, at one point, one of Byrd's sons got an abateman project worth a couple of thousand just like Bevan, and nothing's happened to him.

Fernando watched porn with City money for 2 years, defended Richards during the recall, and went to fishing trips with girls courtesy of developers, and nothing's happened.

Anonymous said...

CONTACT: Assistant United States Attorney Daniel N. Shallman
(213) 894-5862

Assistant United States Attorney Bruce H. Searby
(213) 894-5423

Anonymous said...

"There's a rumor"?
Facts are important, baseless rumors should not be propagated.

If the Justice Department prosecuted
all minor crimes that elected officials committ, there would not be enough prisons to house them all.

Then who would run the governments?

As far as I know, and I ahev seen the cable bills, most Councilmembers
watched "porn", even Maria T. Santillan.

But how does that affect anything in the scheme of things?

Should we prosecute after the first six watched porns? or maybe 12?

All Councilmembers get a lot of freebies, is part of the job.

The crimes committed by Richards are real crimes. Self-dealing, enriching himself at public's expense, etc.

Millions and millions.

I suggest that if anyone one has any real evidence, please turn it over to the proper authorities.

Don't even bother posting it here, where rumor and gossip seems to be the norm.

Anonymous said...

Maria Santillan got a house from a developer she voted to give a contract to below market value...

Pedroza's family got a tow yard and exclusive on towing...

and the list goes on...

FBI and U.S. Attorney please keep watching our City!!!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Vazquez did attempt to tamper with the Jury.....I SAW HER sending thumbs Up signal to Paul Richard and almost fainted when Richard was found guilty in November, a couple of people had to console her when crying.....
We dont doubt that Richard was an intelligent men when he bought leticias campaign to divide council and side with Byrd...... BYRD SHOULD BE IN JAIL....AND THE REVEREND IS FOLLOWING THEIR FOOTS STEPS BY GETTING FUNDS FROM LINDA SANCHEZ TO HIS CHURCH!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I reviewed the documentation provided by the recall proponents. There is a precinct printout dated February 9, 2006, which means it's recent. The paper shows the following people registered at 381 Walnut, Leticia's home address:

Diana Vasquez
Leticia Vasquez
Celina Vasquez
Tania Cardens
Hortencia Vasquez

What puzzles me is that Leticia Vasquez has stated many times that she lives alone. Neighbors haven't seen all these women living there. This seems to be illegaly registered voters. In other words, this is fraud!!! This needs to be investigated as well. These people need to go to jail because what they are doing is a crime. Recall proponents should also get a copy of the registered voters of the election when Leticia ran for office, there may be more illegaly registered voters.

Anonymous said...

C'mon people, this is the reason why the D.A. is not done. Concentrate in the big things not the small things. Don't spread gossip in this blog.

If you have accurate and complete information, forward it to the Public Integrity Division.

Don't do what Aide Castro and Patt Carr did, . . . . remember? They have lost all credibility. The both looked like fools at the last council meeting. Aide Castro has done it in the past, but I was shocked to hear Patt believed her.

Anonymous said...

For your information Patt and Aide we're 100% right. Read the article that Maricala Santana wrote on the matter. Our city was double fined by HUD. Once for not using our home dollars on time and the other for 5 projects that did not meet guidelines of HUD. As redevelopement director it was Morale's reponsibility to make sure these people met guidelines before giving them the money. He gave the money to the developers knowing that they had not met guidelines. That itself is unethical. Why do you say she is wrong? The article I read back her story up. Inform yourself. I can understand it if you don't like her. But if she is right, she's right. Don't let your personal hate blind you. Give the girl a chance.

Anonymous said...

I have been living in lynwood for 43 years now. Been here all my life. I can remember when lynwood was a nice city to live in but now it's to the dogs! I bet all the white folks that use to run this city are laughing there heads off saying look at all of these stupid N & M

Anonymous said...

The old white folks are being well taken care of by the N & M in the council.

They get the best transportation, health and nutrition care.

Seniors got it made. They unlike many, don't bite the hand that feeds them.

Lynwood is a nicer place to live now, than it was in the last 30 years, I have been here that long.

The white folks in charge of government had even more bitter political fights amongts themselves, they just kept it to themselves.

Latinos and Black, love to air their dirty laundry.

Paul Richards became too arrogant and cocky for his own good.

Self pride will do you in everytime.

Anonymous said...

I feel So bad for Bevan Thomas and his family! To me it seems as tho he was used by Richards.

Anonymous said...

how do you figure bevan was used

Anonymous said...

please tell me what's different about p. richards giving deals to his family and george bush giving deals to his friends at haliburton?

Anonymous said...

I don't agree that Bevan Thomas or was used. The only ones used, were the other two council members that voted for the projects and got $0.

I often wonder what councilmember Louis Byrd must be thinking about his friend Paul Richards. If I were in Byrd's place, I would be furious.

Anonymous said...

They both got something......Richard is everything but not a RAT, but Byrd new what was uP....He left is post as a principal were he earned 100,00 thousand dollars for a council seat? so can u imagine what he made! besides the trips, credit card, bussiness men, prostitutes...etc. etc. etc. etc.THE IRS SHOULD DO AN INVESTIGATION , BUT HE WAS SMART TO LAUNDER A LOT OF HIS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

there was a time whene lynwood had class !!!and it was white black and mexican and yes we all were friends what a grate place to grow up lynwood had only a hand full of grade schools only one JR, high,and only high we all were friends....and that long gone ..put it this way if you never walked the rail road tracks
on fernwood are not in lynwood...