Friday, September 01, 2006

LUSD Youth Alternatives Mini Poll Results


Anonymous said...

While this poll states that the district doesn't offer anything, many kids were enjoying all of the programs that were offered at the different schools throughout the city. People like to just talk shit, but they don't actually ask if their is anything available. If anything is offered the parents aren't willing to get of their lazy asses up tp take their children.

Anonymous said...

Hey Solache, it's good to vent, the problem is, the mini poll reflects the views of the people that voted. Maybe the district should make public what programs they offer. If people know the programs existed, they wouldn't complain, the problem is, people don't know. Why is that? Because the district is not doing a good job at informing the community, or because the programs don't exist?

Lastly, the poll doesn't address parents, cuida tu voquita ninita. no seas enojona.

Mitch said...

90% say "NO" ? You guys are a bunch of no-life morons looking to blame your sad lives on everyone else! Are you kidding me? Every school has after school programs run by their school or the city. And since when is it the city/district's job to parent YOUR kids? If you don't know about any programs, you really don't give a f@ck about your kids cause the programs are all over. Schools, parks, churches, and other CBO's are full of alternatives.

So get of your ass and spend some time with YOUR kids. YOU be the alternative program! Turn off the novelas, get off this stupid blog and start doing something positive with your children so they don't turn out like you.

- Mitchell Ness

Anonymous said...


E-HOG said...

At the High School alone, I know we had:

ASB, JSA, Chess Club, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Cross Country, AP US History Club, AP World History Club, Art Club, Literary Society, National Honor Society, AP Calculus Club, and AP Spanish Literature Club.

That's just off the top of my head. I'm sure there were at another dozen extracurricular activies that students could participate in.

Mitch is abosolutely right.

The Mini Poll reflects the views of the clueless people that voted.

Hell, when the kids go home with the application and show it to their parents, the parents go "Que es esto? No te metas en nangeras." or "Ah, thats a waste of time. Just stay home and watch TV."

Hahaha. Then people come here and say there are no afterschool programs. Laugh, Out, Loud, FUNNY!

E-HOG said...

A few more clubs have come to my mind...

Marching Band, the Baton Tossing Team (not sure what they call 'em), Drill Team, Pottery Club, Bible Study, Mock Trial, MESA, MeCHa (wouldn't recommend this one though), Culinary Arts Club, Volleyball, merengue 8, vida, best buddies club, Mirage, Floklorico and a bunch of other dance clubs.

They have an after school club for EVERYTHING at LHS.

Not to mention that the individual student could do something like get an after school job, take up a hobby like music, start a band, arts and crafts, do some chores at home... you know, learn that value of hard work, that kind of stuff.

Thats too much to ask though.

Anonymous said...

o.k, smart ass,as long as your an honor student those activities are available. What if your a product of a drug and alcohol induced family. Who also has a parent in prison. How would I fit in any of those clubs. What a joke!!! Give me info on clubs that are real help for the majority of Lynwood students. There are none. Oh yea, maybe your smart ass like to babysit my newborn. I'm 16 years old and don't have a sitter for my baby, so I could return to school. NO ANSWER RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The prevalent term in e-hog's comment is "had". Currently, there's nothing dude, not a damn thing. Why do you defend Solache so much? He hasn't done a good job at all.

E-HOG said...


You're telling me you can't participate in sports unless you're smart?

You expect me to believe all the clubs in the High School have been disbanded? You've gotta be kidding me.

So what are you doing having kids at 16 years old?

Who's defending Solache? Whether you like to admit it or not, I'm simply pointing out the obvious.

Anonymous said...

to:E HOG Why you said you wouldnt recomand MECHA .

Anonymous said...

La gente nomas habla por hablar sabes que es SOLACHE el que defiende al distrito,Ya saben los resultados de los examenes de las escuelas de este ano no muy buenos que digamos.

Anonymous said...

No muy buenos? Pero mejor! And as long as they are better, that's an improvement.

Anonymous said...

MEChA (like most other race-based groups) flirts too much with separatism, reverse racism, and projects an us-vs-them mentality.

- HR

Anonymous said...

To the 16 year old parent:

How would you fit into those clubs? Let me ask you a question. Do none of those clubs interest you? I'm sure you could find at least one club that did interest to you, and you don't have to be a good student to join them. These are programs intended for high school students and except a few racist ones, they're open for everybody. A while back there was even a gay/lesbian club at LHS. If you wanted in, you could join.

What did you mean when you said that LHS needs to have programs that help the majority of Lynwood students? I hope you can tell the difference between formative programs like Arts and Crafts, Social, and Sports clubs when compared to remedial programs like AA, babysitting, etc. etc.

Nothing personal (really, I don't even know who you are) but the latter are not the type of programs that should be designed for High School students. You might be a little confused as to what formative programs are intended to do.

Now, about your kid: You've got your priorities all fucked up. Why the fuck are you thinking about yourself? (going back to school)

Please realize that you are now responsible for a life more important than your own. Take care of your newborn for 18 year, make sure that you work your ass off and afford them what THEY need, and when they're adults you can get back to school and finish the projects you SHOULD postpone in favor of your kid's life.

If I may ask a couple of questions:

1. Do you work?
2. Do you drive? Legally?
3. Do you make enough to support a family of 3 plus expenses?
4. If you answered 'no' to any of the above: Why do you have a kid at 16?

Don't kill yourself. Irresponsibility is the answer you're looking for. The sooner you accept it, the better suited you'll be to deal with the situation.

Now, like I said. For the next 18 years, you're responsible for that kid, so do SOCIETY and your kid a favor and make them well-raised, respectable, prominent members of society.

What you WANT is secondary now. Time to be responsible. Go get a job, seek out child support if you need it, there's government help available.

Now, I say all this in good spirit and HONESTLY trying to offer a word of advice.

If I may be an ass for a moment: Do you and your kid share the same pediatrician? Awww, how cute.

- HR

Anonymous said...

Once you've burned a close create your worst enemy. Just something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Comment at 11:48 Sep. 06
Can you expand a litle about burning allies.
Do you refered to the Elected or the Residents!

Lynwood Watch Dog!