Saturday, December 02, 2006

Corruption in South Los Angeles

Lynwood, CA - Newspaper reports that corruption has cut across racial lines, and has penetrated many cities in south Los Angeles, including Lynwood.

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Anonymous said...

Steve Cooley is a hypocrite. He needs to be federally prosecuted for the crimes of corruption and protecting his cronies and financial supporters.

Steve Cooley should be ashamed of himself, so far he's been investigating and prosecuting minorities.

The only reason he had to move on Vernon corruption is because he wanted to pre-empt the FBI from getting the glory.

Follow that case and you will see how the first white corrupt elected officials he decided to prosecute wind up pleading a misdemeanor and they will continue their "business as usual" in the city they own.

The Vernon officials already got preferential treatment, they were given the opportunity to turn themselves in. Including the child molester son of the former city manager.

It these folks had been Latinos or Blacks, our joker D.A. would have busted in their homes guns drawn a la COPS TV show.

Cooley decided not to prosecute Art Gastelum the number one crook in the Belmont Learning Complex corruption scandal. Courtesy of the intervention by Supervisor Antonovich who called Cooley and asked him to help his buddy Gastelum.

Do a google search on Art Gastelum and Belmont.

Learn the truth here:

People don't be deceived the only justice we have is our vote and our right to protest in mass.

Stop the Lynwood Promenade land grab.

Save of Homes, Schools and Churches!

Join us December 11, 2006 -- 4:30 p.m. March from Firebaugh High School
to City Hall followed by a demonstration. Wear a white shirt.

Following the march and demonstration attend the
City Council Meeting at Bateman Hall. Where they will
discuss the Lynwood Promenade proposal.

We all need to attend. Specially registered voters!

Anonymous said...

Art Gastelum contributed to Aide's campaign in directly last election as did Bill Martinez and Mark Kudler.

Anonymous said...

Her 460's only show Kudler. What are you talking about? Speak facts not bull shit. Ask Sylvia Ortiz for the 460's or go to the city clerk. You will see that almost all the candidates have the same contributors. Only slight differences. At least she reports it. Leticia won't.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

C,mon 460's my ass. Cash cannot be traced. Even Alex knows this.

Anonymous said...

Alex knows all too well. Has anyone checked Jacinto's 460s? Did he ever turn them in? How much was his fine from the city as well as FPPC? I would ask the city clerk but, all she does is give wrong information. When are we going to get rid of her?

Anonymous said...

In response to Cooley is a hypocrite...I'm tired of hearing about this Gastelum guy. First of all, Gastelum is a minority so you first denounce Cooley for going after minorities, then you suggest that he should focus on Gastelum. Make up your mind. Then you say Cooley doesn't want to go after Gastelum. Are you really that stupid??? Give it a rest. Gastelum has been investigated by more local, state and federal agencies than anyone in L.A. Common sense dictates that after 15 years of being on the radar and no charges filed, I think it's fair to say there's nothing there...give the MINORITY a break. He's been scrutinized enough, time to let it go.

Anonymous said...

I just read on another blog that the average household income in Lynwood is $9,600 per year and that the City Council members make over $100,000 a year. How do the rest of us become council members?

Anonymous said...

Bingo, you hit it right on the head. This is why we need to pick the right candidates. Degrees, degrees, degrees with business savy and business sense. If you do not have a degree go run for council elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Sure just like the degree Paul, Byrd, Leticia, and Alfreddie have. First of all the average income is not 9,600. Second you would think that someone with some common sense would realize that it is incorrect information, and wouldn't use it as a fact. Read a book with real information. Maybe a self help book. Anything other then just repeating chisme.

For those who think that they are better then the rest for having a degree and so much smarter then the rest. What the fuck are you doing in Lynwood then? Get the fuck out. Go back to college and take a people skills class. By the way most self employed people do not have a degree. They work for themselves and no one else. Most college educated are slaves to corporate America. So who's the real idiot?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, forget a real degree. Go to the school of hard knocks instead, like the real knuckleheads did.

Anonymous said...

I think the one person that really needs people skills is the Despotic, Bitter, no good piece of crap that works for the city manager AUTRA ADAMS. She is one of the problems lynwood has.