Wednesday, January 03, 2007

City's Response to Lynwood Promenade, LLC

Lynwood, CA - Click here to view City's response to Lynwood Promenade LLC.


Anonymous said...

Is Leticia Vasquez retarded?

Anonymous said...

Does sh$t stink?

Anonymous said...

Is the Pope a Catholic?

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why does Alfreddy Johnson insist on amending the requests of Mcdonald?

Why should the city change the agreement to satisfy Imperial Partners. These Freaking bastards want to do whatever they want because they want to make sure they get their big chunk of cash from the deal.

Refundable deposit? McDonald can kiss my A$$. All these bastards are corrupt....Alfreddy Johnson, Louis Byrd, Leticia Vasquez, and Fernando Pedroza.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Leticia not only looks like she is retarded she looks special ed just like margaret aroujo hubbie. hahahah

the sign $ is on her ass

Yes I think the Pope is catholic? just as Leticia is retarded hahahah

uffff why do you think Alfreddy it's all about money under the table.

Because it's not the city it's the good residents of Lynwood that let all this shit happen. And because we have elected only corrupted people in office just like Pedroza.

Yes Macdonal don't give a shit about Health issues just look at the Lopez family... BIGSSSSSSS not including Maria and that's just because she is too ugly to be fat too.

last comment yes you are so right but who elected them... you better watch out with Ferni de Pervi's Primita... she is another one.. she is now collecting signitures and not talking bad about Ferni only about the other ones.. hahahhaha I wounder why....???

Anonymous said...

Of course.....I told everyone from day one that Aide was a traitor and a lying piece of Sh!t.....

She still goes to Ferni the Pervi's house for advise and direction on what path to take and what issues to agree and disagree the end they will come together and control Lynwood City Council....all they would need is to manipulate a third idiot, which can easily be done.

Their defense will be, "the council can't be controlled with only two people, it has to be three votes," but reality is that they will join forces and one of the other clowncilmembers who want to make $$$$$ will have no choice but do what is asked from Pedroza and Aide...

PLEASE LISTEN TO ME COMMUNITY.....I know far to well that Aide is only telling you guys what you want to hear for now.....later she will betray the community and become just like her cousin Pedroza.

Like i've said in the past...."I will never support Aide, as long as her corrupt cousin Fernando Pedroza is a council member." Its bad enough we have to deal with one idiot and now we'll have to deal with 2 of them, PLEASE!!!!!