Thursday, June 21, 2007

Elected Official Court Date August 13, 2007

Lynwood, CA - Local newspaper reports that Lynwood elected officials must appear in court on August 13, 2007.

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Anonymous said...

i hope justice will prevail.

all of them to jail

Anonymous said...

The council members are so stupid to realize that their city attorney arnoldo beltran is screwing them over. Since he's going to get rid of 4 council members (he authorized the recall to proceed), he doesn't have to fear loosing his job. Fernando Pedroza (a.k.a pornoza, or porn star), you are the biggest idiot in the world. You think arnoldo is protecting you but he screwing you in the ass without you even knowing about it. You are probably the stupidest person in the history of Lynwood.

I truly hope the new incoming council will fire arnoldo beltran and ron wilson.

Anonymous said...

The new incoming council needs to fire bruce arnoldussen. He has no clue on how to run a city. If you look at his resume he has no prior experience in running a city. I've heard him make some racist remarks about blacks and latinos.

Anonymous said...

You're that much closer Fatis!

JailByrd and friends will soon be gone!

Anonymous said...

The City Attorney actually gave money to the recall effort. The four dummy Council that are being recalled must know this. they obviously do not care.

Anonymous said...

That is NOT true about Bruce. The City Manager is a "tell it like it is" guy. Some people will not like that. He tells you EXACTLY what he thinks.

Anonymous said...

PORNOZA is like a lighthouse standing tall above the sea.

When the storms of my corruption come crashing in, the light of my jail cell you'll see.

Your x-Friend & Perverted Neighbor,

-Ferni Pervi

enployee said...

yes i'm a city enployee and yes the interim city manager is a racist same as louis bird he don't like latinos and white people watch out lynwood bird and leticia are working hard on the recall shes going to have alot of meeting she's going to closed streets to have forums she's going to used city staff and publics works enployees to closed streets she already send amemo to staff watch it people

Black Rage said...


I bet you think that that is Original.

Dumb Ass.

Anonymous said...

Everyone talks about the council members what about the school district members? What have they done to help our children?

Anonymous said...

wake up people the council is trying to use the race card to divide the comunity, the black people think the council is looking out for them, but there only looking out for there pocket book. wake up before we go the way of south gate.BROKE. how many lynwood people did you see at the juneteeth program at the park.

Anonymous said...

JailByrd! PORNOZA!

Thats some funny SH@T!

Black Rage said...

I challenge anyone on here to sight examples of Louis Byrd's Racism. Louis Byrd was raised in the Racist South yet has not harbored one bit of hatred. If you know how many , as you say, Latinos that Louis Byrd have helped to get employment in Lynwood you would be amazed. Louis Byrd fought hard to get the city of Lynwood to honor and celebrate Cinco De Mayo (which, by the way is not even an American Holiday). Cinco de Mayo was not officially celebrated in Lynwood until Louis Byrd (who was a school principal at the time) fought for it.

Give me one example of Louis Byrd's Racism. (if you can)

Anonymous said...

Everyone talks about the council members what about the school district members? What have they done to help our children?

8:12 PM, June 23, 2007

Nothing. Nada. Solache, has done a lot for himself. Imagine how sweet it must be to live rent free and the only thing you would have to do was to sell your vote. Solache needs to be voted out this November.

Anonymous said...

Again what has the school district officials done?

Patty said...

Yo, Black Minimum-w(R)age!

Let me tell you somethings you dont know about JailByrd:

"Louis Byrd was raised in the Racist South yet has not harbored one bit of hatred."

WRONG!!! - Ask him about the conversations he had in that little meeting he hosted in his office with the special group he protects (about one month ago). Several employees overheard the "Mezicans this...Mezicans that" talk he participated in. Ask CanTnisha and Fatis, they were there.

"If you know how many, as you say, Latinos that Louis Byrd have helped to get employment in Lynwood you would be amazed."

IF YOU KNEW HOW HE HAS PROTECTED WORTHLESS EMPLOYEES SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY WERE BLACK...YOU'D BE AMAZED. FATIS COOPER (has interevened on at least 3 occasions within the last 6 months when her supervisor tried to discipline her for POOR performance...)

KENNY (has been protected even though he has threatened to physically hurt fellow employees) Isnt there a zero tolerance policy?

How about BEN? Threatened to KILL (KILL!) a fellow employee! He held up the investigation for TWO months and got mad when the black employee was fired? He said something like, "Here we go firing the blacks again."

WHAT? Are you kidding me? (I wish I was).

OH and how about this! (on PUBLIC RECORD)...At a budget meeting held in early May, JailByrd said, "Why are only the black programs being cut?" (NOT "how come programs are being cut" He specifically questioned BLACK programs only!)FYI - ALL special events suffered REDUCTIONS, no black event was CUT from the budget! AND...after the Juneteenth bills, THREE times as much money is spent on black programs than Latino programs!

Hmmm...a 90% Latino community spends three times as much on 10% of its population? His comments are at the VERY LEAST highly irresponsible. Basing your council decisions on race is RACIST!

"Give me one example of Louis Byrd's Racism. (if you can)"


You only asked for one example! Sorry, there are so many, I didnt know which to choose from.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Pedroza and Byrd will be convicted. The case seems too weak.

Anonymous said...

Silicone silicone, silicone Santillan.

Anonymous said...

To 11:49 p.m. june 25,2007

You couldn't of said any better. I totally agree with you. JailByrd is a freakin racist just like Pimpsuits JOhnson. another point i'd like to make is that the only reason JailByrd pushed for the 5 de mayo day was to promote himself because he knew Latinos would be the majority in the future. If he didn't do it another idiot would've eventually done it. these corrupt politicians only like to play the part and the system. We all know they are fake.....Its just like the corrupt PORNOZA.....

have you guys noticed that PORNOZA always votes against any proposals to increase any type of fees, yet he travels and spends our tax dollars as if he was in a rich city. This mothercracker simply doesn't get can't spend more than you take in...common sence will tell you that, otherwise you do need to increase the fees and taxes to offset what you want to spend piece of Sh!t.....DONT YOU GET IT PORNOZA!!!!!

I cant wait till you corrupt a$$ goes to Jail with your buddies JailByrd, Richards, Reyes, Sanches, and Rea......all you guys deserve to ROTT in jail.

Black Rage said...


First of all, it is spelled MEXICAN!

Did Louis Byrd say "Mexican"? And if he did, since when does referring to a Mexican as a Mexican make one a "Racist"? Every Mexican I know takes pride in being "Mexican".

If it is true that Louis Byrd is defending Black employee's, it is because there has been an attempt to replace Blacks with Mexicans. Some on Lynwood Watch like to call this a "Power Shift". They say that Lynwood went from White to Black and now it is the Mexicans turn. Is that not racist???

Blacks did not come to Lynwood to take over from the Whites. When the "Blacks" Moved in, the "Whites Moved out! But now the Mexicans are moving in. More power to my Mexican Brothers and Sisters. But the problem is that the Mexicans who attain power have the mentality that they have to take over from the "Blacks". I read it on Lynwood Watch all of the time. It is not the majority of the Mexican People in Lynwood but it is the ones who have some kind of influence.

So what do you expect the Blacks to do??? You put us on the defensive.

I wish I had more time. I will be back to respond to the rest of your points.

PS. Thanks for using a NAME so that I know who I am talking to.

What did these so-called employee's hear Louis Byrd say about "Mexicans"? Mexicans this??? Mexicans that??? Mexicans What???

There are people who come on "Lynwood Watch" and boast how "Mexicans" are taking over so we should get use to it. Many Mexicans in America wave the Mexican flag and not the American flag. I am not saying that they should be waving the American flag but my poing is that if they consider themselves "Mexican" first and Louis Byrd calls them "Mexican", then why is he a "racist".

Anonymous said...

He is a racist because Alderete is saying he is. She was also in that meeting. RIGHT!

Black Rage said...

Ok Patty, I am back.

You assume that Louis Byrd defends these people "just because they are black," but what is your proof??? Remember, when you ASSUME, you make an "ASS" out of "U" and "ME"... But since I don't buy your assumption, you only make an "ASS" out or yourself.

You wine about how more money is being spent on Black Programs then Latino programs??? These so-called "Black Programs" are based around Black American Holidays (i.e.. Juneteenth, Black History Month, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's Birthday...) Why do you fight against our celebrating our people? You should join in the celebration rather than fighting against it.

What Mexican American or Latino American programs are being neglected???

If Louis Byrd noticed that Black programs were being cut then why shouldn't he say something about it. If it is perceived that there are some (and I said some) Latinos who wish to cut out black programs, then someone needs to say something.

Nothing you have said has proven Louis Byrd to be a "Racist". You may not like him and you may want him out of office but you are a liar if you call him a racist.

Black Rage said...

>>>another point i'd like to make is that the only reason JailByrd pushed for the 5 de mayo day was to promote himself because he knew Latinos would be the majority in the future<<<

First of all, back in the late 70's and early 80's, no one even thought about Mexicans being the Majority in Lynwood. Lynwood was still Lilly White and it was the Whites that faught against Cinco de Mayo.

Second, Louis Byrd did not even consider public office until it was suggested to him after he decided to retire from the Lynwood Unified School District. He didn't establish Cinco de Mayo in Lynwood public schools to further a political career, he wasn't even thinking about politics back then. If you know him, you would know this already.

You fools play with the word "Racist" and don't even see your own racist hate.

So you agree with Patty that Louis Byrd is Racist but who the hell are you but some anonymous blood clot who probably types with one finger. None of you know Louis Byrd. You only know what someone else told you about him and you believe it like some parrot or some monkey see monkey do.

Anonymous said...

Now that the County Registrar of Voters has certified a date for the recall election, when is the supposed "city election official" going to start announcing that the filing period for replacement candidates is open? Is this a stall tactic so that no one knows? My understanding is the deadline is fast approaching.

Anonymous said...

The nomination period has already opened. However Deborah Jackson has been instructed by Strategic Counsel (Mervyn Dymally's puppets)to not hand out the nomination packages. The council along with Mervyn Dymally think that we are stupid. But we connected the dots. So heads up Leticia, you and your boss are going down. If I can connect the dots so can the FBI and the DA.

Anonymous said...

This message is to "Black Rage" what are you so mad about that you call yourself (black rage). Are you not happy with yourself? or your"race".I have to say that you people want to celebrate for everything even if you take a shit.What you need to do is get some sleep and stop writing so late. Do you work? or are you on crack.I am Brown and proud of my heritage. I believe in only our race and not mixing with others. I don't find it cute to see mixed children.I only see in our race expanding.From Brown Pride.

Anonymous said...

hy lynwood i'm a city enployee i work in publicwork yard i alameda st we know what happend with kenny jacson and leo graffity dpt we all city enployees signed a policy zero tolerance what happend with this 2 enployees in the yard they should be fired but if they fired only leo kenny was going to be fired too but as we all know kenny had an affair with debra jacson ok and she;s in charge of graffity ok kenny is a leadmem ok so debra fight for him so they can;t fired kenny ok so leo is comming back too so he won,t sue the city ok so we as city enployees are waiting for them to come back so we can change the zero tolarance shit policy that is going to benefitt us because if we get in trouble of anithing fihgt or any reason then we had our excuse ok thank you debra and councils menbers for changing this shit policy and to kenny jacson and leo welcome back and thank you for us tobe protected that's why this city is corrupts see you soon

Black Rage said...

This message is to "Black Rage" what are you so mad about that you call yourself (black rage). Are you not happy with yourself? or your"race".I have to say that you people want to celebrate for everything even if you take a shit.

You need to look up the word "Rage". "Black" is the "Rage" on Lynwood Watch. All you do is talk about what the Blacks are doing. Just read what is being said on Lynwood watch. If you had any understanding of American History, you would know why black people Honor our ancestors and why we celebrate milestones made by black people in America. I don't have time to give you a History Lesson but in short, if American History didn't leave blacks out, there would be no need for a Black History Month. Black History is a part of American History. It is that part that has been "Black Balled" and "Black Listed". It has made the rest of America think that Blacks have done nothing in this country but be slaves.

We are not "Immigrants". We are the only non-immigrants in America (with the exception of our indigenous brothers and sisters who are mistakenly called Indians).

You guys don't like Juneteenth??? Well, Juneteenth is our Cinco de Mayo. The difference is that Juneteenth celebrates something that happened in America and not Africa. Cinco de Mayo happened in Mexico. I personally support Cinco de Mayo. I have no problem with it. My problem is when it is said that Lynwood is 90% Mexican as if to say that Juneteenth is not important... Since Lynwood is 90% Mexican they say that Black History month is not important.

Let me ask you so-called Mexicans a question. Are you Mexican or are you American of Mexican decent? Is Lynwood 90% Mexican or is it 90% American with Mexican roots? Who are the racists on Lynwood watch???

If Mexicans what to take over then that is there business but who are you trying to overtake??? You wish to push you Black Brother further into the Mud Hole so that you can get a better position in the mud. You fight us for what? Are you trying to be the new Nigga for White People? Black People do not have true power in America. Mexicans have large numbers so you use your numbers to fight against the powerless?

I can't count how many times I have been in a store or a Market and the Mexican brother or sister behind the counter looks right past me to help some who looks like them. How do you expect me to react? When this type of thing happens enough times to enough black people, black people start to raise questions.

Black people are angry. They don't hate "Mexicans" but some of us are angry. We are angry that you use your Numbers to try and push us out. You are starting to look like "The White Man" to us.

You are our Brothers and Sisters but you sound like white people when you say things like "you people want to celebrate everything even if you take a shit."

Why does not the moderator of Lynwood watch start a blog on solutions to the Black/Brown problems in Lynwood?

Anonymous said...

as a senior, i am dissapointed that kenneth left the city. from everything i heard, he left becuase he was tried of the BS he got from his boss Autra. too bad, with kenneth, and now grant, all the good people seem to be leaving this place.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That last comment was not from an employee working in the yard; that comment came from an inapt employee in the City Managers' office. I, too, am watching all of you.

Anonymous said...

Ex-'Grey's' star: Racism a factor in axing!

"Grey's Anatomy" star Isaiah Washington said racism was a factor in his firing from the hit ABC series after he twice used an anti-gay slur.



Amazing. It had nothing to do with his famous bad attitude or straight-up homophobic views?

Hey, Lynwood...dont feel bad. Its not only us that have to suffer the Race Card. They do it at all levels.

Maybe we should start playing the Race Card??????

Anonymous said...

to anonymous on 6-27 at 8:39...
you stated that you are a city employee, well how in the hell did you get your job? you sound like you BARELY speak english!

were you employed under the Ricardo Sanchez watch, I hear he hired lots of employees that don't speak english, ruben, eugenio, darnel, and it sounds like you to.

so to those of you that think that picking on phyllis only is racist, what about complaints about those individuals with civil service jobs that can't even speak to ALL of our residents?

Anonymous said...

School district officials have done what to help the schools????

Black Rage said...


I am still waiting for a responce to my question as to which "Latino" Holidays are not being funded because of the Black Holidays taking all of the money?

Anonymous said...

hy lynwood i'm a city enployee who is a mexicanooooo i can speak and write a little english and y can defend my self if somebody is talking to me in english what about you can you understand this what im going to tell you if you don;t understand go to school and learn spanish like i did to learn alittle english okiroki to 9.47 p.m jun 29 nosotros somos latinos trabajadores no trabamos en las oficinas del city hall no aplike para esa posicion en trabajo de publico mientras el lead man y el supervisor nos entienada y nosotros a el todo esta bien cuando trabajamos en las calles nos piden muchas informaciones de muchas cosas y no nomas relacionado al city hall otras cosas diferentes ok ablamos bilinguo y nos nos pagan por eso de dar info yo como enpleado estoy afavor que corran alos huevones y si yo soy uno de ellos pues asta la vista babayyyyyy ok enpesemos con city hall y recreacion y al ultimo la yarda ok a yard enployee saids have agood summer

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sam, what have u been smokin'?

Anonymous said...

I work in recreation. i will not give my name due to obivous reasons. as for kenneth leaving, i think thats the best thing he did. he saw that lynwood was a dead end. to the idiot who wrote at june 30 3:15pm your either lorranie reed or phyills aka phatis, AKA two of the black golden girls that the miserable pig autra adams now plays to (to help her get the director job).From what i heard from people in the rec dept he left because of the abuse he got from autra on a daily basis, but whats new about that with this woman. someone told me that pig has a list of grivnaces agaisnt her, but nothing has ever been done (thanks mr bryd & alfreddie)

whatever happens in the senior dept three things are clear:

1) Ilu aka "retard" needs to be fired. we seniors have a nickname for that waste of human life we call him el stuipdio. keep wearing that tie and walking around the center like your important buddy, i think everyone knows the truth about you.get a brain, better yet get half a brain!!!

2)phyilss cooper should never be allowed to come back to the seniors dept. all this hefer does is eat lunch 4 hours a day, and call her golden girl buddy lorraine reed about everything that is going on in the rec dept. wow i wish i could make 60k and sit on my ass all day and scream racism whenever im put to work!

3) kenneth. i think the worst choice he ever made was coming to this place. the best choice he made was getting out while he still had a chance. good luck luck to you son where ever you are.

4) autra adams. i could go on and write a long sentance about her and her issues, but i think its already well knowen to the public and other city employees. all i have to say about this walking elehpant is that once council changes and your soul brothers are out of council and once we get a real city manager, you days will be numbered. trust me.

Anonymous said...

School district officials have done what to help the schools????

7:37 PM, June 29, 2007

NADA. NOTHING. That's why Solache, el politico traidor, has to go. No more free rent for you buddy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Web Master, your taking too long to blog updated information . The crap that's going on in Lynwood must be blogged twice weekly. So much is going on so fast. I don't want to wait for the LA times to tell me about my own city! The city needs your expertize too reveal city buisness. This is just a request.
faithful reader and blogger

Anonymous said...

To the pathetic retard who claim they work for the City of Lynwood Recreation department. Make up your mind are you a disgruntal employee who can neither write or spell correctly or a misguided senior citizen who has been misinformed?
Or is it possible you are a coward who hides behind this blog site? Who doesn't have the guts to confront any of the people you are trying to talk about.


1. Learn to spell...(especially the names of people you want to talk about)(You look like an idiot when you can't spell their names correctly).

2. Get your facts straight.

3. If you are a real employee for the city. Then take advantage of the back to school program they offer all employees no matter what their race or age.(see H.R. Human Resources Department). Then maybe, M A Y B E, (you still have to apply yourself) you can earn that 60k or better.

4. Don't hate. Appreciate.

5. I could go on, but what's the use. you want get it until it gets you.


Remember just like you watching, someone else is watching you.

The Real Golden Girl...

Anonymous said...

jacinto is the word

Anonymous said...

Hey Phatass Pooper!

It's "Disgruntled" NOT



"won't" NOT want!.

1. Learn to spell

Take your own advise or just call JailByrd...He'll get someone to spell for you!

Anonymous said...

To Blogger June 27, 7:39

Hey brown pride,

You ignorant son of a what the hell are you talking about not mixing your race? Your race is not a race, you are so mixed up nobody can tell what you are. Open your eyes. Your people are colored from lilly white to blue black. I have not seen one of you that looks the same and could be identified as one race. You were mixed up when the spaniards took you out of the south american jungle. Eversince then men from every european country, and the UNITED STAATES had your women and mixed you up. Oh, how about the chinese?, and does handsome black marines stationed in San Diego they got in there to.
You don't know your own history, you dumb idiot.

You are soooo ignorant.

I hope you do realize that nobody gives a sh.t about your brown pride. This is AMERICA and everybody can mix with whom they choose. You are so far behind with the times, that's why you should have stayed south of the border.
Anytime someone has a problem with a childs race mix is a sick bastard.

Anonymous said...

What have the school board members done?? Well, let's see.. there are new buildings that have been opened and will be opened to get rid of the trailers, grades k to 3 have gone to a 20 to 1 ratio, each elementary school now has a preschool, teachers have gotten a long deserved and needed raise, every student has books, teachers have been given an immense amount of support and training, school board members (especially Solache and Chavez) visit the schools and classrooms, and the list goes on and on.. all of you need to stop putting up all the negative and racist stuff and inform yourselves...

Anonymous said...

As Lynwood goes into the election I have to bring up that our honest Interim City Manager Bruce Arnoldussen a year ago brought up all the financial problems then. His projections then are now coming to reality as my BEAUTIFUL POOR CITY goes broke!! The economy is in trouble and his ideas should of been acted on then. He was an EXCELLENT CITY OFFICER but the racist council didnt want him because he was WHITE!!! What a shame!! and a loss of talent.....