Saturday, September 17, 2005

Comment on Candidates for Lynwood Unified School District

Comment on Gloria Garcia


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who Gloria Garcia is...can someone please tell me.

Anonymous said...

I know, I know....

I work for the school district and she ran last year for the board, she is related to David Garcia. He works at the district office.

District Employee

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for you because anyone is better than the other two current board members. The current three NEW board members are doing a GREAT Job!!! They neeed more help so that's why I'm voting for you and Alfonso. WE ALL LOVE DR. LAL.....thanks to the NEW board. And Dr. Lal speaks my language (Tagalo)

I work in the District.

Anonymous said...

putan namo

Anonymous said...

Anyone on this site,

Why don't you people focus more on all the changes going on in the school district? Have you noticed the huge turnover in personnel at the district and at various school sites. Why were the principals replaced at Lynwood Middle School and Roosevelt Elementary when they posted significant growth on the state tests? Are administrators and other personnel being treated fairly or are they just being judged by what some people say? Why were the principal, vice-principal, and resourse teachers at Roosevelt replaced when they demonstrated a 30 point gain on the their API? At the board meeting in June, parents should up in droves to support the principal. Did the school board listen? How many times did they visit the Roosevelt campus? Were the administrative staff just victims of a well-placed source (someone's relative, starts with an L and ends withy a Z)at Roosevelt who ruined poeple's reputations without any proof? Did you know that the largest elementary school district has had 4 different principals in the last 5 years and the one that had the support of parents, teachers, and children and posted that growth on the test gets the shaft? Why is it that most votes on the school board breaks down 3 to 2? Do you think these school board members really have the best interest of the children in mind or do they just vote in blocks and let personal agendas/vendettas get in the way of your children's futures? Its easy to think that the Superintendent makes all the decisions, but who has the real power? I know that the district has a host of problems, but why chase away or reassign these administrators and teachers who really make a difference?

Anonymous said...

Stop wasting your time and don't run for the board.

Anonymous said...

Gloria to win people need to know who you are. make yourself more visable. We want to get to know you if you want our vote. It seems like you are shy, and that' okay. Just be yourself. Start walking girl.

Anonymous said...

Gloria don't run and just support Chavez or Morales...even better run a campaign against Martina....she needs not to be on the board.

Anonymous said...

Soooo, We hear that you are targeting Martina Rodriguez. I don't blame you Gloria. Thank you for doing it. People like you need to expose what she is all about. You should tell more people.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...


Would you like to run a slate with Alfonso? Some of us in the communtiy want to support both of you. We represent a large solid base of voters.

We need people that don't look at color when making decisions.

GLORIA and ALFONSO 2005!!!

We are going to do our oun promotions

Anonymous said...

I will vote:



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gloria Garcia and Edwin Jacinto for Lynwood!!!!