Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pual Richard's Trial Starts Today

Lynwood, CA - The Los Angeles Times reports that former the trial of former councilmember Paul Richars will begin today. (subscription required)

Download Indictment.

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Read article from Press Telegram

Download Summary of the 1st Week

Read article from Wave newspapers.

Read article from Wave Newspapers ' Employee was 'lenient' on city contract'

Richards Denies Wrongdoing. Read Article Here.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened in the trial today?

What was said and what were the charges against Paul Richards?

What was his reaction to everything when it was mentioned by the D.A.?

Can someone let the community know?

Anonymous said...

September 20th - Jury picked, instructions were given by the judge to the attorneys on the case.

September 21st - One of the jurors called in sick. Trial postponed until tomorrow morning. Opening statements will be heard and the first witness will be called.

Anonymous said...

Witness that are scheduled to appear tomorrow:

Andrea Hooper - City Clerk (22 years in office)

Gary Chicots - former Redevelopment Director (terminated by Paul Richards)

Paul Nguyen - Interm Director of Public Works

Joe Wang - former City Manager (also served as Asst. City Manager & Director of Public Works)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Who ever posted this link, GREAT IDEA!

In order to find the document you must go into the link that reads: 2004 Press Release, October 14.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, a representative from Commuter Bus Lines was on the stand. Her testimony will resume this morning.

Also on the stand today, will be elected official Andrea Hooper (City Clerk for the past 22 years).

Anonymous said...

Fix the typo fool! It's PAUL not PUAL

Anonymous said...

There are 44 Potential Witnesses.

Anonymous said...

With the trial being underway, the D.A. will do its best to bring the residents of Lynwood some justice by bringing down and perhaps locking up the "KINGPIN (PAUL RICHARDS)" for years. Paul Richards was the most intelligent corrupt politician in the entire L.A. County Area and now it seems that his tenure will come to an end. Lets just hope they can be successful!!!

There is one problem though and it lies within the "CORRUPT CELLS" of Lynwood. One key witness will be ANDREA HOOPER (City Clerk) in office for 22 years. This lady has been known by the entire community to have her way with Council and the Public that seeks Public Information. What I mean is that if she doesn't like you, she will give you Hell if you are requesting Public Information that she doesn't approve of. Let's face it, the D.A. and the entire community knows for a fact that ANDREA HOOPER ILLEGALLY provided Paul Richard's the copies of ALL of the petitions that were signed by the residents wanting to remove him from office.

Perhaps the D.A. should just detain her and throw her A$$ in Jail, where she deserves to be or they SHOULD FORCE her to RESIGN. We don't need you or want you as our City Clerk Andrea Hooper. The community made a HUGE MISTAKE by re-electing you because you are a worthless piece of excrement that doesn't deserve to be where your at.

You are DOUBLE DIPPING and draining the City of Lynwood of its resources. You are very SELFISH, you care about no one but yourself. I wouldn't doubt it if you gave up your own grandchildren's happiness for yours. You should just retire and spend some quality time with them because i'm sure they need you more than the community does. Oh, i'm sorry, I forgot, Nobody needs you, You are TOOOOOOO OLD and good for nothing, all you like to do is WHINE AND NAG because your a HAG.

Goodnight you old HAG!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

I want to congratulate whomever wrote the summary. You are doing a great job keeping the community informed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Arnoldito, c'mon man, get over it, we all want to know and your office did a darn good job! So, how about it pal? We're just going to love you more, don't leave us hanging now. It's like watching a good movie and not watching the end. Do it for the community, you're doing a good thing for the citizens of Lynwood. Don't let them politicians bully you around.

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Anonymous said...

I really feel sorry for this man.

all the years that he went to school, all the money and effort that his parent put on his education . A very charming man that had all the City of Lynwood beliving in him. A great family why if he had a job , position want it more. He did not think about all the community how they had to have 2 or more jobs to put food on the table. He never stop and think about it. I really hope God be with him and his family.

You can said money is evil.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please post a brief summary of what Lorry said? Greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Was lorry sleeping with Paul? and did he help in write her contract

Anonymous said...

According to a couple of Lynwood residents that were present at the courthouse, Lorrie had an affair with Paul Richards. However, the Jury was not able to hear this part of the testimony.

I haven't heard anything regarding the contract being drafted by Paul.

Anonymous said...

Byrd should be indicted also....He was aware of Richards greedy mess!! He should shared Richard's cell, since they both shared the women in city hall!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been going to the trial and Byrds name is mentioned all the time. The interesting thing here is that Byrd wasn't called to be a witness against Richards. I think that's because the DA is going after Byrd. He not only voted in favor of Richard's illegal deals, he also abused the city credit cards, wasted City money in jazz concerts, golf tournaments, etc.

Another interesting thing is that Leticia always spoke about everyone being indicted except for her. Look at her now, who is she siding with? Everyone that associated with Richards.

Maybe you haven't noticed it, but look at the the following chart:

Paul Richards
Byrd Pedroza Vasquez

Now look at the candidates Leticia Vasquez and Byrd are supporting:

Paul Richards
/ \
Byrd Vasquez
| |

Anonymous said...

Things do not change in lynwood. Is this true that the City Council is having a special meeting on Moday to approve a sweet heart deal to developer. This after the City turned away a deal from another developer that would have paid the city 3 million more. Who has a copy of the higher offer and why was it turned down. Which council are supporting this deal.

Anonymous said...

The three amigos called the meeting.

Anonymous said...

los tres amigos son arturo reyes ricardo sanches armando rea por que lesda lastima paul richards esa gente no ocupa de nuestra lastima que se pudra en la carcel es lo le tiene que pasar con el y que regrese todo el dinero que se llevo y lo inviertan en la city que no mi gente y apesar que lo van ameter ala carsel toda via le vamos apagar cuarto renta en la carcel jajajajajajajajajaaja nomas que ahora va aser la sirvienta de los presos con su nuevo trajecito anaranjadito esta bien que le pongan el traje anaranjado para que se acuerde delos enpleados de lynwood de parte detodos los enpleados de lynwood go to hell stupid ashole

Anonymous said...

what three amigos, pedroza, rodriguez, and santillan? what is vasquez and byrd's position on this latest giveaway. How has the higher offer that was submitted and why this developer over the other.

Anonymous said...

FYI.. Check the record and you'll know exactly where everyone stands. Obviously, you haven't been attending meetings. Vasquez strongly opposes it. She has voted no on every closed session discussion involving this matter so it's safe to assume she's a "No" but like the old saying goes... it's not over till the big girl sings...Stay tuned. Byrd well he really hates to be alone on issues...you know how that is.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the reason she has opposed it is because her " buddies", never got a chance to put something on the table. She's been trying to stop the project, even meeting with other developers while CASA Grande had an exclusive negotiating agreement ENA with the City.

Come to the meeting, this is a great project for the City. All housing advocates should be happy, it will clean up the blight in the west side of the city.

Anonymous said...

I lived on Fernwood and Santa Fe back in 1980 and that area was already vacant. Many of the problems we used to have was that it was a dump.

My parents still live there and they are very happy that this area will soon be developed.

Ramirez Family

Anonymous said...

It is time that the City did something at that corner. But do not think a bad deal will solve the problem especially if the city received a better offer that would cost the city 3 million less to do the project. We heard the city rejected the better offerand the that this is such a bad deal the city staff is not making recommedation. We heard the city is trying to hurry this project and ship many requirements to approve before the election. We understand that the better offer was received when there was no exclusive on the site. If this is the case why would the city defend such a bad deal and force us the tax payers to pay for something when we could for less and why. We will be at the meeting looking for answers.

Anonymous said...

If there was a better offer received, I will make a "public request" to see the offer.

This is OLD Paul Richards tactic. They tried it with the SELAC Project, as well. Remember, there were 3 offers (unsolicited) and when council went out for an RFP only one offered was made and it wasn't the greatest!

Council has caught on to their old tactics. They bring an offer to the table (unsolitied of course) to try to scare the council and make them seem as if there are better offers.

I'm glad that council caught on to their game. Leticia is working very close and guided by Paul Richards. Watch her.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled, the offer was made by a developer that is already paying $12 per sq ft. for a project in lynwood and offered to pay the same $12 per sq. ft. on this project. The City is willing to accept $6 per sq. ft. for the project.

Anonymous said...

The developer is Abel Halleu. What Leticia has failed to mention is that she is giving away 7 million dollars to his project Whispering Glenn. He is using a 25 year old enviromental impact report. Yet Leticia had no problem with this. He is not a good developer. The Casa Grande project has been in the works for 2 years.I agree with the prior comment. This is a Paul Richards tactic.

Message to Leticia. Back off Casa Grande or I will uncover the other projects you have going. SELAC already has the light shinning on it. Muriel Estates and Whispering Glenn will be next. Casa Grande is a good project compared to the projects you support. They are paying 50/50, why didn't you ask Whispering Glenn to do the same? SELAC 1.2 million invested and still no completed project. Why do you support SELAC? I can go on and on, so check your conscience. GOD is watching.

Anonymous said...

the council had an illegal hearing. the eir process was ignored just like the previous comment mentioned. I looked at the abelhelu project and the agency assistance is $2.3 million (not $7 million)and the developer is paying $2.4 million and there is a 50/50 split and they are paying $12.5 per sq ft. for the land. Casagrande is paying $6 per sq. ft. for the land and the city is paying for all the land up front. why is casagrandde paying less for land for a project that is three times the size,wake up! voters, time to make a choice no one can be this stupid to not see what is going on. Gift of public funds.

Anonymous said...

to the above comment, you are missing the amount whispering glenn is receiving for subsudizing. that amount brings it to 7 million. casa grande is not getting that.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Letty is mad. Her boy didn't get the project so now she wants to say it's because she doesn't want housing. Make up your mind. 1st she said another developer offered more money. 2nd she said it was contamination. When those excuses were thrown out the door she said it was density issues. Please, she is just mad because her developers didn't get the project. Why doesn't she have a propblem with all the other bad projects? Because she is corrupt.
Vote Ramon Maria and Aide.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the blind leading the blind. do your reach search, don't go by hear say. why was morales let go? why was anew attorney appointed for project? why was mark fulton let go was it because he lied about the three amigos on fernwood and how they got their houses. why are they giving away our home dollars to there buddies what are they getting out of the deal?

Anonymous said...

Luis Morales was fired because he was incompentent and corrupt. Mark Fullerton resigned because he got a better job. Just like Mr. Perfitt. You do your homework. HUD approves the loans not the city.

Anonymous said...

Leticia was served her recall papers Sunday at 6 pm. This woman is evil and needs to go. Support the recall.

Anonymous said...

To the first comment

I really cannot begin to describe how ignorant some residents can be. Perhaps, it could be because they are misinformed or because they are not fully aware of all the corruption FERNANDO PEDROZA has done with Public Funds and with his power. First of all, I would like to extend my knowledge about this COWARD AND MONEY HUNGRY BASTARD (FERNANDO PEDROZA), and how he has abused the city and our hard earned tax paying money.

1. He awarded an exclusive Towing contract to his father-in-law (RAUL VARELA) that the city would pay $500 dollars for supposedly every abandoned vehicle he would tow.

2. This service use to be provided by WINN'S TOWING for "FREE"

3. Per the "Parking Division", RAUL'S TOWING would pay people to bring abandoned vehicles from other city's in order for Raul's Towing Service to tow the car and collect THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from the city.

4. He loves to intimidate CITY EMPLOYEES. One example is JAIME FLORES (From the Grounds Division). We all know Jaime Flores is a lazy bum, but thats not the point.

5. He used his Power to bring his Cousin AIDE CASTRO to the top of the list in order for her to receive one of the new homes. He also did it knowing very well that TWO of the children she claimed on the application were not even hers.

6. He has awarded DONALD CHAE AND THE MARKET PLACE OVER 7 MILLION DOLLARS OF REDEVELOPMENT MONEY that was supposed to be used to BEAUTIFY the entire city, not just the so-called SWAPMEET.

7. We all know that FERNANDO PEDROZA is DONALD CHAE'S puppet, he will do anything Donald Chae tell him to do.

8. He was against Re-calling PAUL RICHARDS. He knew very well Paul Richard was corrupt, yet he still supported him.

9. He sides with LOUIS BYRD AND LETICIA VASQUEZ, but will go where the money is because he is a money-hungry bastard.

10. He is supporting JUAN ENCISO because he will also do whatever Donald Chae tells him to do.

11. Buttom line is that Donald Chae wants to contol the city council, in order to expand his business and award all of the city contracts to M&D PROPERTIES (WHICH IS OWNED BY DONALD CHAE).


""You betrayed our trust LINDA SANCHEZ, and you will pay dearly for what you have done to the residents of Lynwood. I cannot believe that you would stoop that low as to endorse FERNANDO PEDROZA AND JUAN ENCISO. You know very damn well that FERNANDO PEDROZA IS CORRUPT. You also know that JUAN ENCISO is a "BURRO" and is not qualified to be a councilman and yet you can endorse him.""

For God sakes, Frankenstein (JUAN ENCISO) cannot even write or speak the english language. If you like or support them so much, how come you don't take them to the CITY OF LAKEWOOD. I guarantee you wouldn't even dare to do that.

Oh, I get it.....could it be that you are also being paid by DONALD CHAE, in order to endorse FERNANDO PEDROZA AND JUAN ENCISO. I bet i'm right.

This goes to show the type of leader you turned out to be. Mark my words LINDA SANCHEZ, you just made the biggest mistake of your life. Believe me, you will go down, you B!TCH!!!!!


Anonymous said...

we had a chance to review the abelhelou project and they are not receiving $7 million. If they are and we read the contract wrong then shame on you council for approving a bad deal. casagrande which is bill Martinez project (former Albert Robles ally)got approved at an illegal public hearing. we voted for santillan to do the right thing and replaced paul through the recall but just like paul she and rodriquez and pedroza approved the project in paul richards fashion sneaking it in before the election. why the rush. could it be because the council could have done the project with almost half the money but wanted to give bill martinez a sweet heart deal. even that big dummy aide castro supported this project and she is supposed to be an expert in real estate and she can not see the numbers. what was promised. based on our review vote no on rodriguez, pedroza, santillan, castro. Alex landeros would have made a better candidate.

Anonymous said...

You obviously didn't read the DDA for Abell Halleu's project. 3.6 million plus subsidizing and it adds up. I'm going to have to give it to Aide Castro. She did her homework. She showed me the DDA. You are just a Paul sympathizer and a Leticia kiss ass. Just admitted. You didn't really do any research. You just ran to Leticia and asked her. She obviously lied to you. What about the 25 year old Enviromental Impact Report the Abell is using. What excuse does Leticia have for that. Or is it that Aide Castro is scaring you. The truth will come out. Look out for it in the mail.

Anonymous said...

Aide, there is no such thing as a 25 year old EIR.

You have showed us that you are: a thief, imature, ignorant and claim to read but have proven the opposite.

I just got a copy of the application that is being circulate where your then "boyfriend now husband" added your "sobrinos" (additional dependents to qualify). If you claim to be such a succesful woman, why would you cheat someone in need, from the Housing Assistance program?

You are a "typical welfare recipient" that is used to getting everything for free.

I have nothing against the government helping people in need. It's the scum bags, low lives like you, that ruin the system for the ones who really need help.

I'm making copies for everyone in my neighborhood!

From: Struggling Lynwood Resident and Mother of two.

Anonymous said...

ooooohhhhhhhh scary
First of all if you really had a copy of her application someone did something illegal. The application is not public information. If you have a copy you are implicated in disclosing private information. I am Aide's friend, and I confronted her with the matter. She simply showed me her tax returns for that year. She will be bringing her tax returns on wednesday's cadidate forum. She unlike Maria and Ramon has nothing to hide. Her husband qualified for that house even with out her niece and nephew.

One more thing their is such a thing as a 25 year old EIR. Ramon and Maria are being exposed and they don't like it. So now all they can do is say Aide was undeserving of a home. Yes she was on welfare for 2 years. Why do you think they qualified for the house. Are you that ignorant not to understand that the homes were built for low income families. If Aide was on welfare doesn't that make her low income? Use common sense. Don't go on chisme. Aide was also a struggling mother. She also experienced domestic violence. Her story can be verified with police reports. Maria experienced domestic violence because she was running around with men. That is why all she can do now is try to attack Aide's integrity. She can't begin to compare herself to Aide. Aide has done more in her life than Maria will ever do. Simply because she is a follower.

If the current council is not responsible for all the bad projects going on. Who is? They knew the projects were Richards and they continued to put money into them. The way I see it the council is just as bad as Richards was.

Anonymous said...

Too late, copies are being passed around . . . as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Aide, if Ramon and Maria used their power to leak your application sue the shit out of them. Their just mad because the thruth on them is coming out.

Attend wednesdays forum community. It is a must. Ramon and Maria will be exposed. Aide really grew up in Lynwood. She has worked hard to reach her goals. She is a true leader. She is not affraid to stand alone. It takes guts to tell the truth, and she has done it. For those who think she didn't help with the Richards recall you are wrong. She helped more than what people imagine. It's okay because it will all come out.

Anonymous said...

Aide passed by my house right now and showed me her tax returns. You guys are in trouble. This girl talks facts. She even has Maria and Ramons property profile. Shame on you guys. This girl is the beginning of Ramon and MArias end.

Anonymous said...

Wow Aide, you really hit them below the belt. Now you have my attention. In the past I asked you to show leadership. I guess you showed it. I'm still not voting for you, so don't get your hopes up. But I won't be voting for the incumbents either. You stated your goal was to make sure the truth was told. So preach on sister.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Aide's "hit piece" is that it is not the truth. These contracts were Paul's doing, anyone that has been attending City Council meeting is well aware of the problem.

But no worry, pay-backs a _itch.

Anonymous said...

The problem with you, is that you can't handle the truth. All you need to do is ask Aide for proof and she will show it. For 2 years Maria and Ramon have voted on these issues. She should have killed the projects but she made them worse. Simply because she didn't read her agendas. Pay back is a BITCH. That's why this is happening to Maria. She made a lot of promises and hasn't done anything. What are you going to do? Hit her on her house? But you can't because her husband bought the house. You might do it, but do you have the guts to put your name on it? Will you back it up with proof? Aide will........HAHAHAHA

Get them Aide...........

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when the virdict is due?

Anonymous said...

Today, November 1st after 1.