Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Judge Refuses New Trial for Richards

Lynwood, CA - News agency KCAL 9 reports that request for a new trial by Paul Richards was denied. Sentencing is scheduled for March 20, 2006.

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Anonymous said...

Their is a God. With Leticia being recalled, we will reclaim our city. Byrd is up next. Hopefully he will be smart enough to not run in 2007. Johnson better get it straight very quickly, if not he is also out the door. Johnson also needs to actually live in the city. Hey Johnson, hurry up and buy a house. You don't live at your Mom's house. Don't put your mother in position to have to lie for you. Don't be another Richard's. Remember you have a business to take care of. The white boys you play with don't want controversy or their names all over the news. Scientology has a bad rep as is. So be the smart man you are and think twice before you dance with the devil.

Anonymous said...

a little dramatic ain't cha

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe you're onto something. The D.A. could easily convict Alfreddie for non-residency.

By his own admission he says he doesn't ive in the city.

"Rev. Johnson described himself as a Baptist minister from Compton."


Anonymous said...

Don't knock it until you try it. Scientology works!

Just ask John Travolta, Tom Cruise and countless others who have benefited from Ron L. Hubbard's great teachings.

Oh, forgot to mention Leticia Vasquez is currently working on riding herself of some bad ENGRAMS and will reach the state of CLEAR very soon.

She will POSTULATE the recall away.

Engrams: Bad programming during the embryonic stage

Clear: One who no longer has his own Reactive Mind. Able to levitate objects and become invisible by using the powers of the non-reactive mind

Postulates - Basically, making things happen by believing in them hard enough.

Pedroza and Santillan have found new enlightment by taking some Scientology courses.

They don't support the recall because they finally recognize the high level Leteicia Vasquez has reached with these great teachings.

The next converts will be the LUSD board members and city staff.

Scientology works!

Don't listen to the bashers.

Anonymous said...

And you say I'm dramatic. This one told me to get out the way. The point is Richard's is going to jail finally.

Anonymous said...

How will Richards going to jail benefit you? You seem so happy about it.Will it make your life any better? You sound like a sick person.

Anonymous said...

Putting Richards in Jail will benefit every body, because it will send one more message to the
corrupted politicos that the law is the law and must be respected.

It will also save millons of tax payers dollars because next time politicos will think twice before they do deals under the table to benefit friends and family.

Lynwood Watch Dog!

diesel298 said...

What a waste. I personally liked Paul. While he was found quilty of wrong doing he also brought many good memories. I would like to thank him for those good times. I wish you well, stay safe and remember there are few that are really your friends. I am sorry that you found out too late.

diesel298 said...

Look at the the state of the country. Corruption is out and democracy is in. We as a people can forgive mistakes when a person is young. Once a person take office and the oath to uphold the law to protect the rights of the citizens you must fight corruption
not become corrupt.

Anonymous said...

The great lord Xenu is finally punishing these evil doers! All hail Xenu!

For those of you who don’t know who Xenu is… Xenu the leader of the “Galactic Confederacy” that Scientologist believe brought aliens to planet Earth to destroy them next to volcanoes. Lord Xenu destroyed these spirits by dropping “Hydrogen Bombs” on them. This released the spirits of the aliens which forever inhabit the bodies of humans.

If you’re so prudent about current issues and such, go read some stuff about Scientology.
If you’re lazy, download or watch the South Park episode “Trapped in the Closet”.

Hail Xenu!