Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Local Newspaper Reports Steps to Reduce Cost in Legal Services

Lynwood, CA - Local newspaper reports that the Lynwood City Council takes steps to reduce cost of legal services.

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Anonymous said...

It was obvious this was nothing but a show. Fernie the pervie wanted to give that pig Beltran right there and then a hell of a lot more money. Who do you want to fool? Take a good look at the attorney's Lynwood has, they are all corrupt. Beltran and Leal are quietly making millions of dollars. Everyone's been warned about the pig Beltran and his dirty tricks.

Y no digo puerco por lo gordo, sino por lo cochino que el maldito obeso.

Pobre de Lynwood. Dos puercos, uno por pornografico y pervertido y el otro por obeso y cochino.

Anonymous said...

The best way to save money if to fire Beltran. Cut the B.S.

Anonymous said...

I knew it, I knew it!!!

Reverendo del demonio:

El quiere traer a miembros de scientologia a gobernar en Lynwood.

Anonymous said...

Yo estuve en ese junta y no podia crer,El councel Fernando Pedroza le queria dar al Beltran 45mil por mes.cuando la agenda decia que 35mil para Beltran,30mil para Wilson.pues con quien estas Pedroza con el Beltran o con los residentes de Lynwood?

Anonymous said...

keep complaining. now you will only receive 35 thousand in services. Fernando was the only one who was realistic enough to know that legal services are used very often and 35 thousand won't be enough. residents we just shot ourselves in the foot. remember
Lo Barato Sale Caro

Anonymous said...

Fernsndo stop kissing up.
Belatran needs to go and if you can't or won't have the courage to fire him, then you also need to be recalled.

Beltran is a proven crook.

In response to "lo barato cuesta caro", he is "caro y malo". Unless you've read his billing statements, you have no right to say defend him.

Fernando has seen the bills. Se hace menso. Correction, es menso y corrupto.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't think "que se hace menso". I have seen Fernie's tactics and he get's a percentage of whatever he get's approved.

Watch him when it comes to the Billboards, the Taxi Stand and very soon the towing contract. I've heard that they have been discussing it. Pretty soon it will be on the agenda.

D.A. - where are you?

Anonymous said...

This is the crook we need to prosecute. Not honest citizens like Mayor Vasquez. Omar Bradley was prosecuted for ONE movie at a hotel. Pedroza purchased two years of pornography and nothing's been done. Is the DA blind? If this is not using an asset of the City for personal gain, what is? He is the one that needs to be recalled. Not Mayor Vasquez.

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Anonymous said...

Three Hours of porno? Sounds like he has a problem!

The average person will watch 15 minutes, and they are ready!

Anonymous said...

C'mon let's get back to the article. It sounds like we have a big problem when our residents or anyone for that matter, try to get information that involves the City Council. I remember that a resident (Miguel Figueroa) filed a lawsuit against the City and won because of this.

Andrea Hooper has been in that office for approximately 24 years! She wears two hats. A City Employee and an Elected Official, how can that be possible?

Why can't she answer anything without having the City Attorney review it? Could it be that she is incompetent? How does she manage to get re-elected? There is something obviously wrong in this department.

Anonymous said...

Who has the hard copy of the cable bills for Fernando Pedroza?

All you can guys can show is a computer typed version.

I will personally start a recall as soon as I see hard copy of the bills.

Where's proof that he used city money?
Where is the cancelled checks or credit card bills from the City?

Maybe this is why the D.A. has done anything, because there is no concrete proof.

Let's recall Fernando anyway. As voters we can recall anyone for any reason.

Anonymous said...

How mich money did Leal put in maria's campaine?

Anonymous said...

You must be referring to Maria Lopez? Anyway, not enough to pay for her husbands (Adolfo Lopez) parking tickets. I heard he owes the City over $1,000 in fines. . .

Anonymous said...

Stop protecting Maria. The people who received money from Leal where Ramon, Maria, Solache, Maria Lopez, Maria Rodriguez, Martina Rodriguez, and Domitila. Ofcourse no one reported the contributions. The FPCC makes it simple. As long as it's under 100 dollars it doesn't need to be reported. Leal is a crook just like the people he backs.

Anonymous said...

The best step to reduce costs in legal services: FIRE ARNOLDO BELTRAN!

He'll figure out a way to have his buddies submit "legal bills" for him.

Muerto el perro, se acaba la rabia.

Anonymous said...

A note for those school district members who will seek re-election.

Be asured that if you award this money to LEAL, you will be voted out of office!

Asks yourselves, is he worth it?

Anonymous said...

I am a supporter of the current board. However if Leal is not completely removed from the district I will have to question your personal agendas. I will also be looking into similar contributions that you might have. Sooner or later contributions can be verified. I would hate to find that you have sold out to Leal. He is a crook and we all know it.

Anonymous said...

ok personas ya que estan siempre en el consilio mitins que token el tema de las gruas porque el perro del suegro esta chupando sangre como vampiro pero con popote you know what i mean rasa el city manager sabe los de las gruas osease buey como los otros consejales santillan sabe muy como corre la agua con fernie y su suegro el vampiro sangron antes no salia de la cueva pero ahora ya anda en gruas nuevas vamos mi gente acabemos con estos ratoncitos que ya se isieron ratas de 2 patas mestas oyendo inutil