Monday, May 01, 2006

Lynwood Businesses Close in Support of Boycott

Lynwood, CA – About 95% of businesses in Lynwood closed on May 1, 2006 to support the boycott. Plaza Mexico, and Superior Market, which attract a large number of customers also closed their doors for the day.


Anonymous said...

So illegals today established that they are willing to do the US economy harm. Way to show your love for the US.

Anonymous said...

Please provide the names of those 5% so that I can make sure I dont do business with them!

Anonymous said...


No wonder Lynwood is in so much trouble. All the kids are looking for excuses to ditch school and all the employees are looking for excuses to ditch work.


Anyone else notice the usual morning and afternoon freeway jams were non existent on Monday?

You know, if someone wants to show how much economic power they wield, one would go out and buy something to show how much economic power they have.

The other funny thing that I notice about the media, is that no one mentions how the rallies were organized by International ANSWER and CAIR.

Do the pro illegal alien advocates realize they're associating with a Communist and radical muslim group?

Please do list those five percent that were open so me and my colleagues can use the goods and/or services of those businesses more often.

Oh and I'm just checking. Did everyone note how an utter and complete failure the boycott was?

What was accomplished yesterday:
- Pro Illegal Alien Demonstrators have lost the support of EXTREMELY LIBERAL Senator Kennedy of MA.

- The folks in congress that were ready to give amnesty are pissed and your protest/boycott probably just killed the best shot illegal aliens had at amnesty.

- The State of California saved $2,880,000 dollars for education because an estimated 72,000 students did not show up to class yesterday.

Thank You Very Much!

E-HOG said...

Why are anonymous comments not showing up on the main page?

E-HOG said...


Anonymous said...

The moderators fear free speech and public debate.

Surprise, surprise -- the conservatives of Lynwood show up and all of a sudden the mods decide it's time to censor.

E-HOG said...

Still waiting on that list of businesses that were closed and businesses that were open.