Sunday, June 25, 2006

Black Versus Brown

Lynwood, CA - MSNBC reports ethnic tensions between African Americans and Latinos in Lynwood.

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Anonymous said...

Leticia and Alfreddie have one thing in common. They dislike Armando Rea. Rea is also doing background checks on people to see if they have something that he can exploit. He is always starting investigations against everyone.

Alfreddie and Leticia, I hope you do the following:

1) Ask DA to investigate Rea's illegal background check practices, and following people.

2) Let the community know why he was expulsed from the police department. This is something the whole community wants to know.

3) I have his credit card purchases, and there are a lot of questionable purchases. Missuse of public funds is another issue to investigate.

4) The house were he lives should also be investigated to see if there's fraud.

5) Make sure you also let the black community know how Rea is trying to remove all blacks from Lynwood.

It is time that you two put a stop to this corrupt, and racist bastard. He will continue to investigate people, and to file claims until someone does the samething he is doing.

I hope you guys take action and put him in jail.

Anonymous said...

Rea is NOT an elected official. So long as he does NOT trespass or invades anyone's privacy, he HAS A right to investigate and to disagree with anyone's politics.

Even racist like the KKK have rights. This is America, we have a right to disagree.

I ask the following: There's a black man and latino man, which is more likely to be "racist"?

A. The Black man
B. The Latino man

If you answered the Black man, and if your are Latino, then you are the racist.

Likewise if you answered the Latino man and you happended to be black, then you are the racist.

But if you answered, Leticia or Alfreddie you are also right, they are BOTH racist.

Racism is born out of ignorance, vanity and self pride.

Just ask yourself is Alfreddie's personal assistant Latino or Black?

Is Leticia Vasquez PA Black or Latino?

'nough said!

Anonymous said...

I am willing to join forces for the next recall campaign! If I had doubts I'm Know convinced, I apologize for haven't signed the recall, Vazques should have a huge affinity for brown people!

Anonymous said...

I wrote to Ellis Cose from Newsweek and mentioned that they need to look deeper at corruption , here in Lynwood we were silence and intimidated to not remove Leticia. I placed a link so that he can see the Lynwood Watch Poll where the majority wants Leticia Out. Leticia is using Black People because she wants to run for a state position.Please help us clean Lynwood from corrupt hipocrites "leaders".
Let our real voices be hear, lets email them with the truth:

Anonymous said...

Just like I said a few months ago, All the white people that use to live here are saying "Look at all these N&WB" F ing up a city that once was a nice place to live.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip Lynwood residents. The recall effort is not a black or brown issue, it's a green issue. Whomever has enough green controls the council. Don't underestimate the residents!!! We are well aware that the Mayor Leticia Vasquez only sympathizes with the African Americans. The majority of Lynwood residents and voters consist of a melting pot of races. The fact of the matter is, that Lynwoood residents of all racial backgrounds agree to recall Mayor Leticia Vasquez. The effort has never been racial, all races have united in the effort to recall Leticia Vasquez. It was unprofessional for the Mayor or Pro-tem Mayor to give an interview representing a city that does not support or agree with their philophies.

Fearless resident

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the most recent newsweek article topic black vs. latino politics? What a joke that mayor Vasquez states that she would like to bridge the gap between the two races. Leticia, how can you do that when your own race is disguted and revolted by your constant sympathizing with the blacks? You have the nerve to state that you barely know Paul Richards! You are a liar Leticia, you know him socially and intimatly so stop your damn lying!!!

Fearless Resident