Thursday, June 22, 2006

Recall Ends

Lynwood, CA - Local paper reports that due to lack of signatures, the recall effort ends.

Read story here.


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please call 310-631-231

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I am dissapointed, but i would like to know what is the next step...are they letting her go or are they continuing the effort?

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Anonymous said...

The FBI is already investigating the so called "investigative attorneys".
For which Vasquez, Johnson and Byrd approved the giveaway of over $50,000
of tax payer's money.

This is solid proof of their corruption and her despotic disregard to protect the
public's money.

Leticia's detectives have crosed the line and are trespassing, harrasiing and attempting to intimidate some committee members and volunteers.

These abuses have been reported to the FBI. They have promised to keep an eye on these individuals and convict anyone who tramples over any voter's rights.

The so called "irregularities" mentioned by Leticia's mouth piece and puppet Scientology's Rev. Johnson are nothing but a smoke screen to cover up the fact that they are wasting tax payer's money to persecute anyone who has dared to oppose their corruption.

The people are always right. Even if they are wrong, they have the right to determine who they choose as their elected officials.

What irregularities:

The funding?
Anyone can contribute is not against the law for example, Republican Congressman Darrell Issa funded the recall campaign against Gray Davis by contributing over a million dollars of his personal wealth.

The age of the signature collectors?
They are all over 18 and have the constitutionally protected right to assemble and promote their political beliefs.

The signatures?
The county validated over 2,700 Signatures
and it determined that the rest were duplicates and or invalid signatures.


The only irregularities are the squandering of our nearly bankrupted city's money.

They must be recalled prosecuted for abuse of power and for depriving the citizens of Lynwood of the right to receive honest services.


Anonymous said...

Can you please delete the junk postings? It diminishes the seriousness of this report.

Anonymous said...

California mayors who have been arrested

LYNWOOD: Former Mayor Paul Richards was indicted by a federal grand jury in 2004 on charges of steering a series of lucrative city contracts to a company he secretly owned. Richards served on the Lynwood City Council for 17 years -- including seven years as mayor -- until he was ousted in a recall election in 2003. His recall came after a series of articles in the Los Angeles Times disclosed many of the business dealings that formed the heart of the government's indictment. In November 2005 Richards was convicted on corruption charges and in March 2006 was sentenced to nearly 16 years in prison.

ARVIN: Mayor Juan Olivares was arrested on felony child molestation charges less than 24 hours before voters headed to the polls to decide whether to re-elect him in November 2004. In December 2004, prosecutors decided not to file child molestation charges against Olivares, citing lack of evidence. Olivares asserted his arrest was designed to prevent his re-election.

CARSON: In 2002, City Councilman and Mayor Daryl Sweeney was arrested and charged with extorting money from waste haulers seeking city contracts. Sweeney pleaded guilty to 15 corruption charges in July 2003 and resigned. He is serving a six-year sentence in federal prison and was also ordered to pay $20,000 restitution to the city of Carson.

EAST PALO ALTO: In May 2000, former Mayor R.B. Jones was arrested and indicted on federal charges of bribery and extortion for soliciting money from potential city contractors while he was in office. Jones was indicted on charges of soliciting and accepting $5,000 in December 1999 from the California Water Services Co. in San Jose in exchange for his promise to assist the company in obtaining a city contract. He was also charged with soliciting and accepting $7,000 in November 1998 from Viviano Trucking Co. of Newark in exchange for a promise to help the trucking company to obtain a permit from the city to install and operate a concrete crusher.

In May 2001, Jones struck a deal with federal prosecutors and pleaded guilty on three felony counts, while six other felonies counts against him were dropped. Jones pleaded guilty to counts of bribery, mail fraud and making false statements on his federal income tax return and served 18 months in prison.

MONROVIA: Mayor Robert T. Bartlett faced felony charges relating to a fight with his girlfriend in April 2000. Bartlett was arrested and charged with making terrorist threats, battery of a cohabitant and false imprisonment. All three charges were reduced from felonies to misdemeanors after a pretrial hearing in 2001, and a jury found Bartlett not guilty of all charges in 2003.

FOLSOM: Mayor Everett Reginald Drew resigned in 2000 after Sacramento police arrested him on prostitution and drug charges. Drew offered an undercover female officer whom he thought was a prostitute cash and rock cocaine in exchange for sex. Drew pleaded guilty to possession of rock cocaine and soliciting a prostitute and was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

MILPITAS: Vice Mayor Peter Hamer suspended his campaign for mayor after being arrested on burglary and stolen property charges in 1990. Hamer pleaded guilty to one felony count of second-degree burglary after goods stolen from a competing business were found in his auto parts store. He was sentenced to one month in the Santa Clara County Jail, two years probation and community service.

SUNNYVALE: Mayor Brian O'Toole was arrested in 1990 for allegedly molesting a young boy over a five-year period. In February 1991, O'Toole was sentenced to six years in prison on a plea of no contest to one felony molestation count. He served three years in prison and was released in 1994.

You can find it at

Anonymous said...

Edward Escareno of Huntington Park.

Arrested and convicted in December '05 for corruption and grand theft (of public funds).

Anonymous said...

Edward Escareno of Huntington Park for corruption and Grand Theft (of public funds) in Dec. of 2005.

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Hehe. Yes did! I totally agree. Hee Hee, your recall failed!


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The recall failed, hahaha.


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The recall failed. hehe

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These comments are idiotic. Who are these people? Where the heck is Lynwood?

E-HOG said...

You're a retard.

Btw, you forgot the O in Armando.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Ed Escareno of Huntington Park
Arrested and convicted for corruption and Grand Theft (of public funds) in December 2005.

Anonymous said...

Yes you did, I agree to that! FUAR