Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lynwood Youth

Lynwood, CA - The links to the following videos and website were sent to Lynwood Watch with the title "Lynwood Youth". The sender alleges to be a resident of Lynwood, and states: "Nobody is doing anything about our kids."

Video 1

Video 2

Lynwood Gangs

(Viewer Discretion is advised)


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone is concerned enough to mention our youth. What plagues our youth are drugs and gangs. What is the council doing about it? NOTHING!!!!! I have gone from councilmember to councilmember with a proposal from Southern alcohol and drug rehabilitation (Downey). In the proposal,S.C.D.A proposed to service the city of Lynwood absolutly FREE. The arrangemnet was all set up to have after school drug intervention at Lynwood Youth Center. To help individuals with a substance abuse problem or problems with family members who had drug issues. In our city we have lost a dozen teens and young adult to gang violence. The kid are all strung out on heavy drugs that make them completely guiltless in the crimes that they commit. You can buy any drug you want in Lynwood but, if you want to get off of a drug,we have nothing. Maybe its benifits the council to have everyone high. That way they can get away with there crimes. Most of the council members are a joke. Sylvia Ortiz

Anonymous said...

These fools are so stupid that they have put themselves on video.

The video has been forwarded to the propriate authorities.

Anonymous said...

Hahahhaaha. I was cheering all of those idiots in the video. It's best they kill eachother off.

Why waste money on rehabilitating idiots? They made the choice to stick the needle in. They made a concious decision to do the things they do.

How about making money available for the truly worthy in our community so they can go on to college and do something with their lives.

For every "lost", they're really actually retarted kids, theres 5 that don't want to waste their lives and dedicate themselves to a life of crime. How about giving them some attention?

You can buy any drug in Lynwood, but if you wanna do something with your life, shame on you.

Anonymous said...

The issue of gang violence is a multi-faceted problem that exists because of the breakdown in the home, community indifference, and/or school pressures. Being a longtime resident of Lynwood,and an educator in the district, I will address the issue as a school related problem. It is very easy to identify a child who is exhibiting gang behavior. For me, it is due to my background in Psychology/Counseling but also because I grew up in the "neighborhood" and I was always surrounded by gang problems. However, many parents are unaware that their children are in gangs. They do not know how to look for the signs of gang behavior. It is as easy as asking a teacher and/or a counselor who knows the child and can help the parent with this issue. And yet, when parents are told that their child is in a gang, their first reaction is denial. Of course, the child denies it as well. Even when parents are offered proof, they still don't believe it. Let me tell you something else, city service programs might be well and good, but those affected students never go to those meetings. Those programs need to go to the schools where those kids will be. It must be done as early as elementary school because students start to exhibit gang behavior in 3rd and 4th grade. These kids need someone to talk to, to guide them, to show them alternatives to the "vida loca". And these people need to be there on a daily basis. Those kids in the video look to be about 12-16 years old and I'm pretty sure they are failing miserably in school. The sad thing is that if you ever have the opportunity to actually sit down and talk to them, these kids are bright and want to learn but just lost their way. A few years ago, the school district had a counselor who dealt with at risk students in the middle schools. Specifically, she dealt with students involved in or beginning to show signs of gang behavior. What happened to that program? i don't know what you notice but i see the gang problem getting worse in Lynwood. It used to be you had your El Segundo's , T Flats, Banning St. etc. but now you have all these cliques trying to start-up in the elementary and middle schools because the "big homies"(older gang members) try to recruit in these areas and are successful because they find impressionable kids to do their bidding. Another eye opener for you, most gang involvement involves girls!!! This is a problem that has existed for as long as I remember, but if you don't see it with your own two eyes it doesn't exist. This is also a very complicated problem that needs to be addressed with all stakeholders in Lynwood involved. I'm just saying that information and prevention at an early can at least help stem some of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Wow... Now stop talking and do something.

Anonymous said...

Has Commissioner, Adolfo Lopez paid the $1,700+ he owes the City of Lynwood in parking tickets?

Anonymous said...

Call him and ask him. 310-889-6840
I bet you won't.

Aide Castro said...

I am sorry to inform you that last night your Lynwood City Council voted to increase water fees by 30%. After the first increase it will be followed by another 15%, then 5%, finishing with a final increase of 3%.

The vote was as follows:
Maria Santillan - Yes
Louis Byrd - Yes
Leticia Vasquez - Yes
Alfreddie Johnson - Yes
Fernando Pedroza - No

During public orals I gave all council members a copy of my water bill so that they were able to see in actual dollars how each individual household will be affected. On my bill I gave them an example of how much more I would have to pay. The example I gave was the following:

July bill $84.50 x 30% = $25.35
$25.35 + $84.50 = $109.85 new bill
$109.85 x 15% = $16.48
$16.48 + $109.85 = $126.33
$126.33 x 5% = $6.32
$6.32 + 126.33 = $132.65
$132.65 x 3% = $3.98
$3.98 + $132.65 = $136.63

$84.50 original bill divided by $136.63 final bill after increases gives you a total of 62% increase.

The reasons given by staff and council were that the increases were needed due to reserves being depleted, infrastructure repairs, and to produce revenue for quality of life services, and finally because the bond rating company used, recommended it.

I am not saying an increase is not needed. The metropolitan water district did increase their fees by 3%. However we only purchase 20% of our water from them. That means that 80% of the revenue generated for that percentage can stay in the department. We also need to take in consideration employees. They need a cost of living raise. The water department employees are certified through the state and they need training every so often. I also understand that their medical benefits probably have increased in cost. For that I will justify another 3%. The infrastructure also needs to be invested in, so I'll give them another 3% for that. We must be given an itemized explanation of what each project consist of and how much will it cost. No matter what they claim I'm willing to bet they will not be doing all these repairs immediately or all at once. Last 1% to pad the reserves. The point I am trying to make is that those are the only reasons our revenues can be used for.

Last night the City Manager allowed our Mayor Pro Tem to misinform the audience that these increases were needed for quality of life services and issues. The City Manager clearly knows that the revenues generated from increases on our water can only be used for the water department and nothing else. Yet our council last night voted to approve these increases under the impression that they will be able to allocate some of the revenue in other services. The fact is you can't. The City Manager also advised the council that we may loose our bond rating if these increases aren't done. Wrong, the bond rating company recommended an increase, but they never specified an amount. The key word is recommended. Their is a big difference between you must, and I recommend. As long as we comply with the original guidelines given at the time of application their is no reason to loose our rating. Goes right back to how the City Manager advised the council that we have 10 million in reserves so we don't need to do budget cuts. Yet he failed to mention to the council that although we do have those reserves, they are their to back up our bonds. That was simply a scare tactic in my opinion. The City Manager new that if the council voted against the increase his budget would fall apart. I would Like to know why the City Manager included in his budget the 30% increase? What would he have done if it didn't pass? Why was he so sure? I guess that would explain why he didn't care that the council was not properly informed. His only mission was to get it passed.

Time after time we are asked to pay for prior and new, council and staff mistakes. Mr Byrd made the comment that staff had set up a workshop for the community to voice their concerns and only 11 people showed up. He asked. What happen to the rest of the community? He said he took that as the residents were okay with the increases. Although we all know he's wrong to make this assumption, I really think he was trying to send a message to the community. He's basically saying to us organize and unite to make a difference. The same people that go and talk at every meeting don't make a difference. That tells me simply since the community isn't speaking up, I don't care, I'll just do what I want. Last night our council clearly said we don't care how our community will be affected.

I expected lots more people at council last night. I was disappointed that several people who claim to be leaders and aspire to sit on council were not their. But I was happy to see some new faces in the audience who did go and speak against the increases.

In reviewing the agenda, I also found item number 22 suspicious. It was called Utility Users Tax Matters. Several residents were under the impression council was considering to increase the tax. However in reading the resolution recommended for the item, it states the council is hiring legal representation regarding proposition 218 and other related matters. So I looked up Prop 218. This measure took affect back in 1996 to protect our tax dollars. In other words no taxation with out representation. Proposition 218:
Your right to vote on all local taxes
Proposition 218 gives you the right to vote on all local taxes, and requires taxpayer approval of assessments and property-related fees. Now bureaucrats can't find sneaky ways to raise revenues! Non profit organizations such as Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association go around different cities looking into complaints from residents. Learning all of this, I realized that I don't remember us, the voters ever voting in favor of this Utility Users Tax. All I know is it went from 3% to 6% to 10% were it is now. Back to my point. Is our council in trouble with Jarvis? Why do we need legal representation regarding Prop 218? I want to know what is council trying to hide from us. If I am correct the City of Lynwood would owe their residents lots of money. So as you can see their some sneaky stuff going on. We must keep our eyes open.

This is our city, therefore we must protect our financial interest. I am just one person and I need help from the community. Please write your elected officials and let them know we are not going to put up with the abuse any longer. Speak up people. I beg and implore that we stand up together against the injustice commited.

On a positive note I was very pleased with the new street sweeping contract. The routes were re done and they even included alley clean up. Along with the purchase of two natural powered machines. I also was very happy with the new weed abatment project. Every quarter city employees will be maintaining properties that have not been kept up by their owners. In turn to recoop the money they will be fining and adding liens to the properties to insure repayment. When a lien is on your property anytime you go to refinance or sell, escrow always insures payment of all liens to transfer clean titles. So good job on those two issues.

Although it might seem that I am picking on our City Manager, I would like to clarify that I don't think he's that bad. Like I said in the past he has great ideas. He just needs to be a little more carefull about what he's proposing and how our community is being affected by his recommendations. I feel it is his responsibility to make sure our council is well informed before making any decisions.

Thank You,
Aide Castro

2:10 PM, August 16, 2006

Anonymous said...

One quick note to Aide Castro:

True the water fund can not be used for certain services. Where do you think that the deficit or negative will be paid from? Eventually, the general fund! Therefore, if you take money from the general fund, we will have less to spend on other services.

Aide, be very careful when you speak. Get all your facts straight and don't believe "certain people". Some folks like to instigate.

Anonymous said...

I think that is why she gave them an extra 1% to pad the reserves for the water department. Although you are right, I prefer for my general funds to be used to replenish the account then have the council spend it on stupid things. I think that little Bi..h is actually on to something.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the former crack head Sylvia Ortiz is on to something too!

Anonymous said...

It's funny but it thought this website was meant to deal with all parts of the city of Lynwood. Every time something is posted about kids, students, schools, most comments revolve around city issues, rummors, how this person or that person is this and that. But you know, who cares what happens to our kids right??????????

Anonymous said...

sorry rumors

Anonymous said...

lynwood has alwyas been mesd up and while be for a while.... cmon look at lynwood high when it was build one of the most expensive high schools of the united states!
people who had to sell their homes for the land got paid twice the original cost why because people knew people who knew people... and that school aint the best.. i go there and see alot of the stuff the goes on half the kids are lost or their trying to keep up with what happens....many programs dont help at all sometimes sports and music help i noticed that alot... also when i went trough this schools probaly elemantary was the best years of dedicated teachers but in 5th grade we had got asubstitue teacher who let us sit there the whole year.!!! 4th grade i had one teacher but i change class because he would do the same so i had another teacher mr.samaniego who later in the year was proved to molested students and send to jail
middle school every year i had about 2 teachers that didnt teach me nothing i mean nothign we probaly open the book about 3 times the rest he wasnt there we were wacthing movies, fighting, gettign send out to the office, on a fire drill, or sleeping! teachers had no control wasnt that the kids were bad jsut that the teachers didnt care about anything all they said was.."if your here or not i still get paid" i heard that so many times... those fights from the videos are at school at a spot were it easy to do anything any one wants to do ..
.present. lynwood high student.

Anonymous said...

lynwood has alwyas been mesd up and while be for a while.... cmon look at lynwood high when it was build one of the most expensive high schools of the united states!
people who had to sell their homes for the land got paid twice the original cost why because people knew people who knew people... and that school aint the best.. i go there and see alot of the stuff the goes on half the kids are lost or their trying to keep up with what happens....many programs dont help at all sometimes sports and music help i noticed that alot... also when i went trough this schools probaly elemantary was the best years of dedicated teachers but in 5th grade we had got asubstitue teacher who let us sit there the whole year.!!! 4th grade i had one teacher but i change class because he would do the same so i had another teacher mr.samaniego who later in the year was proved to molested students and send to jail
middle school every year i had about 2 teachers that didnt teach me nothing i mean nothign we probaly open the book about 3 times the rest he wasnt there we were wacthing movies, fighting, gettign send out to the office, on a fire drill, or sleeping! teachers had no control wasnt that the kids were bad jsut that the teachers didnt care about anything all they said was.."if your here or not i still get paid" i heard that so many times... those fights from the videos are at school at a spot were it easy to do anything any one wants to do ..
.present. lynwood high student.

Anonymous said...

lynwood has alwyas been mesd up and while be for a while.... cmon look at lynwood high when it was build one of the most expensive high schools of the united states!
people who had to sell their homes for the land got paid twice the original cost why because people knew people who knew people... and that school aint the best.. i go there and see alot of the stuff the goes on half the kids are lost or their trying to keep up with what happens....many programs dont help at all sometimes sports and music help i noticed that alot... also when i went trough this schools probaly elemantary was the best years of dedicated teachers but in 5th grade we had got asubstitue teacher who let us sit there the whole year.!!! 4th grade i had one teacher but i change class because he would do the same so i had another teacher mr.samaniego who later in the year was proved to molested students and send to jail
middle school every year i had about 2 teachers that didnt teach me nothing i mean nothign we probaly open the book about 3 times the rest he wasnt there we were wacthing movies, fighting, gettign send out to the office, on a fire drill, or sleeping! teachers had no control wasnt that the kids were bad jsut that the teachers didnt care about anything all they said was.."if your here or not i still get paid" i heard that so many times... those fights from the videos are at school at a spot were it easy to do anything any one wants to do ..
.present. lynwood high student.

Anonymous said...

Dang! I hope you're still in school. . . Because you sure can't spell and there is not one period in this whole story!

If someone is making this up, and trying to pretend they can't spell... shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Mayor Vasquez a "teacher" in the LUSD?

Anonymous said...

nope its not made up joust that i type really fast with out care... and yeah ms.vasquez was she was my sub for a whole year 7th grade

Anonymous said...

WHIle the boardmembers are traveling wasting the kids money.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I was told by no other than AL that Solache has spent over $30,000 in travel. Can anyone verify this information?

Anonymous said...

The board doesn't have that big of a budget for traveling. Sounds like Martina is pulling your strings.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Martina, it was actually someone closer to you...

Anonymous said...

Instead of just spreafing rumors why don't you request the info from the district.

Anonymous said...

For those ignorant gadflies...Any professional person interested in contributing to his/her professeion MUST attend confereces. I guess you call it "traveling" and you think it is fun. Well it in NOT!

By the way...the crackhead Sylvia Ortiz is the joke. She's the one spreading all the rumors about Solache.

Anonymous said...

Ortiz supports Solache, get your story straight. It's Martina spreading the rumors.

Anonymous said...

Well unlike yourself, I leave my name so that when I see you, I can check you. I'm not spreading any rumers concerning the school board members past orr present! I'm too busy babysitting the councilmembers. I have nothing but the upmost respect for Mr. Solache and Martina Rodriguez. STICKS AND STONES WON'T BREAK THESE THICK BONES!!!
Come on,,, sign your name scary cat!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sylvia Ortizzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

The good thing is that Solache has repeatedly said he doesn't visit this website (althought I think he's lying), so he probably won't even know this discussion is taking place. But if he does, good, you haven't done anything for the District except for traveling, and partying with our children's money.

Anonymous said...

Shup up Martina. You are not going to get re elected. You should have done something when you were their for 4 years. You are just mad at Solache for helping Alfonso get elected.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Solache, don't be so passionate (that's a very typical gay reaction). Martina is not the only person who dislikes you...

Anonymous said...

I am not Solache. Just someone tired of Martina talking shit. If Solache is traveling prove it, and i'll join you in hating him. If not shut up along with Martina. Did you verify your information or are you just repeating what you heard? The gay thing, just get over it.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, "just get over it" is the exact same phrase Solche uses to end sentences... hummmm what a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

No fool. I'm not Solache. Remember we all speak the same language. So their is no coincidence. With as much Gays as we have in this city, him being one is not even important. We have a good board, at the moment. We have an actual teacher that understands curriculums. We have an attorney that understands contracts. We have Rachel with years of experience on the board, and truly cares for the kids. We have a mother who has been involved and has a true education. With Solache we have a young man that went through our schools and can identify were we have problems. You still didn't answer. Did you verify your information. Martina is bitter looser and needs to get over the fact she lost. She had 4 years to do something on the board. She did nothing. Now she wants to do something. Please! Yeah Right......................... She's a total fraud, non GED having, lying, ignorant bitter looser.

Anonymous said...

Hehehe. Exactly the way I thought you would react. Pretty common in your type...

Anonymous said...

Lo unico que han echo Solache,Lupe,Maria,Alfonso es darle un aumento 30,000.00 a su amigo el SR Lal por ano y el cumple con sus caprichos personales.

Anonymous said...

Haber, haber, vamos quedando claros. Quien le dio por el ano a Sr. lal? Solache?

O quieres decir año?

Hay un mar de diferencia amiguito entre darle por el ano al Sr. Lal, y darle un año mas a Sr. Lal...

Anonymous said...

I just hope we don't end up having another Eric Lee incident. I really, really hope we don't have no high school boy having an affair with Solache as we did with Eric Lee.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lal has done a great job and continues to try to clean house.
All that dead weight will soon be gone. The unfortunate part, is that they will file a lawsuite against the district for whatever.

Eventually, it'll be cheaper to pay them off than keeping them.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how well he is doing when the scores come out. many administrators at school sites and district are his hires, did they do better or worse than previous ones? Lawsuits aren't new to Lynwood, but this one may be serious, just don't know.

E-HOG said...

Uh... the test results have been out for 2 weeks now:

No real improvement from last year... Or from 3 years ago... 6 years ago... or 8 years ago (this is as far back as testing data on this website goes).

Hey, so when are you parents gonna stop relying on politicians to fix your children?

Or will you parents keep rewarding your children with designer clothing, cell phones, video games, and big parties despite their short comings? I use to think you rewarded people for doing well, not being retarted.

Maybe a simple "Let me see your homework" every night before you go to sleep. Oh I know what it is. Novelas are too important to actually do that.

That guy that posted (11:08 AM, August 18, 2006) must be one of the 50% doing below basic. I wonder if that kid ever told his parents how "kick-back" his classes were. My bet is, he didn't. Why would he? I'm sure he was very happy sitting there saying present, and then setting teachers on fire (true story) or digging a tunnel through the class wall to the neighboring class (true story).

Anonymous said...

Okay EHOG, you might have a point. But take into consideration the parents who simply don't have the time because they need to work long hours. Also the kids that are left to their grandmothers who are to old to actually participate in the childs education. Not to forget the ones who simply don't have anybody, or their parents just don't care. Then what? It's easy for you to critique but what true solution do you offer. As your sister would say: Excuses get you nowhere. The responsibility belongs to all of us. I'm sure that because you learn from your sister, you would agree with her motto of excuses get us nowhere. But even your sister believes that we must work together and help others get out of their rut. You don't turn your back on someone because the adults that should care about their education don't. Where is your humanitarian side? Teachers, family, and every adult in this community have the responsibility to help our children. Simple as that. You are obviously a very smart kid. But you have lots to learn. You remind me so much of your sister in her younger years. I recommend that you prepare yourself for future leadership positions by participating in local community efforts. I really feel that in experiencing different cases of people in your own community will help you understand a little more. Cultures make a big difference in the way we raise our childrens. Perfect example, it is my understanding your sister raised you. Your father didn't care that your sister was an honor student. It was more important for her to go home and help the family. It happens to be that many hispanic families have the same tradition. Now ask yourself. Did your father do the same with you? The answer is no, right? Why? Because you are a male. The reason I point this out to you, is so you can take in consideration how many more hispanic parents do this to their daughters. For the males, the macho attitude permits for the male to have more freedom. All this goes hand in hand. Now why is the district also responsible? What ever happened to truancy officers? Why do we still have over crowded schools? Didn't we just get 5 new schools? How many friends did you report to the district for not living in Lynwood and attending our schools? Do you have a double standard for that? As you can see their is much more to be analized before just pointing the finger. One last thing, the majority of the problems in this community are due to the hispanic culture that does not value education. Both you and I as hispanics have a responsibilty to our own people to make sure they get educated. If you are not going to offer solutions to our people you have no right to critique. You have less of a right if you don't understand your own culture. Not everyone is as blessed as you are. I believe that at a very young age you had everything as well. You had a computer and a cell at a young age. You have been spoiled by everyone in your family. I'll never forget the story about your dad doing your homework. It's funny that everything in your comment, spoken about you have experienced personally. I asked your sister why you critiqued something you yourself had. She said you had earned it. So I ask you, are you assuming that other kids don't earn what they have? Anyways, I'll stop. I look forward to seeing you mature. I'm sure you will be a great leader like your sister. She is very proud of you. She claims she will make sure you go as far as you need in education so take advantage of it. Your whole family is behind you. Too bad all children in Lynwood don't have your family. By that I mean the Ortiz Guerra family. Don't even get me started on the Pedroza's. What happened their? Just kidding, you don't have to answer that last question.

E-HOG said...

I really don’t appreciate you bringing my family’s business into the public eye. Especially considering there is a hell of a lot of factual errors in your comments. But if you must…

Excuses get you nowhere. True. So why are we allowing people to make excuses? My humanitarian side is alive and well. It’s open to people who are victim of circumstances not victims of poor decisions they made in life.

Yeah, that’s fine; it takes a village to raise a child. That doesn’t work though when you have a whole community entangled in the same pathological culture of failure that discourages individual thought and progress. Forget the village; where in the hell are the parents?

I really refuse to talk about my family’s business in a public forum.

Though, I’ll speak vaguely about certain matters.

So since you know my family’s story already, you know my sister had to leave the home when I was 5 years old because of choices she made, she was 15. I wouldn’t exactly consider that raising a child. She did as she should have as my older sister. She nurtured me as her little brother until she had to leave. At the same time she left, I started kindergarten.

My mom, dad, aunt, or neighbor would always be around to pick me up from school every day in elementary school. I excelled. Why? My parents gave me incentives to do well in school. Those incentives varied from money to awesome video games come Christmas and birthday time. My dad always told me; “You don’t want to be one of those stupid fucks, so go to school and do good con las calificaciones.” I brought home, As and Bs, I got rewarded for it. It made my parents happy. That was me fulfilling my responsibility as a student and their son.

You leave out the most important facts of my story that made all the difference in the world that yielded two different upbringings.

I was a good kid. I was a good student. I excelled at EVERYTHING I did (Basketball, Martial Arts, Computer Science, Baseball, Music). Did I mouth of to my parents? Of course I did, I got slapped a few times for it. But I still made them happy because I brought home what they wanted to see and wasn’t a fucking retard getting into gangs, getting someone pregnant, or being a retched little mongrel as a lot of other kids my same age turned out to be.

As for my dad doing my homework for me, he sure did. The only reason my dad had to do my homework for me in 1st grade was because I was forced into a retarded Bilingual Program that served ZERO purpose for me. English was my first language for god sakes! What in the hell was I doing in a bilingual class? A Bilingual Program that was supposedly designed to help so-called “English-Learners” learn English while being presented material in Spanish. Yeah, that didn’t work. Thankfully, my 2nd grade teacher said, you don’t belong in bilingual, and put me in GATE. Is that still your favorite story?

By no means was I raised in a “Hispanic” household. Mariachi music aside, my parents embodied the definition of Americans, and they’ve raised me as such. My dad, working hard, 12 hour days, all the time to make sure his family had what it needed. My mom, went to school to get her cosmetology license, became and entrepreneur and opened her own salon. They took total responsibility for everything I did. They made sure I wasn’t hanging around with the wrong people. Made sure I understood the important of doing well in school. They emphasized that to death. If I brought home an F, it would have been my head. All privileges would have been stripped. It happened once, and it was just a damn progress report. My dad took away my game boy, my internet, and all my other awesome toys that I had and my mother gave me the nastiest scold that I could ever get from her. Believe me, I got the message.

So if you haven’t understood the message yet. My mom and dad worked long hours every day and still managed to instill a good moral balance and optimistic outlook on life. Yup, that’s right! Auxiliary participants in my upbringing (Sister, Neighbors, Cousins, and Teachers) provided and further enhanced this. Yes, very true.

So what’s everyone else’s EXCUSE?

I would not be who I am, if it weren’t for my parents. Get that straight. I know you liberals hate the idea of functioning families raising their children, but that’s just the truth. You can have all the government programs, outreach programs (Actually, DARE helped me), or whatever you want, name your nomenclature. Without the family involved, a child has a very difficult life ahead of them. It doesn’t mean they’re lost, they can find their way, as my sister did, and still be successful. But it can’t be done unless the individual is driven and self-motivated.

The district is thoroughly responsible for the management of the schools and full enforcement of the ed-code in its schools.

Yes, where are the truancy officers. Schools should be taking roll and reporting any truant students immediately to the officers to go to each ditcher’s house to verify why that child isn’t in school. If the problem persists, cite the parents for not getting their kids to school. That’s their DUTY as parents. If you at least love your children, you’d make sure they get to school.

How many friends did I report to the district for not living in Lynwood? Well, none, because they all lived in Lynwood. I’m not the one with the double-standard. What about the kids attending schools in a country foreign to their own? Look into that to find your answer about overcrowded schools. This might also lead you back to the whole bilingual education. Do you have a double-standard?

So, because I’m not attending Hispanic Supremacy parades and joining militant, separatist, and racist organization I don’t understand my culture… Okay? Last I checked I was born in the United States of America. I don’t know about you, but I have full understanding of this culture.

I can offer solutions to people that are willing to put racist and tribal ideals aside. I say, look for the solutions in having faith in the individual and families. Believe me, it’s worked exceedingly well for me and many many others before me.

What solutions can you offer? Oh yeah that’s right you said that already. Be with your people! Then what? Uh…

What do you mean no one is as blessed as I am? Everyone IS as blessed as I am. I have had no opportunity offered to me, that the next kid hasn’t had. I’m not better than anyone. That’s nice that you think so, but I’m not.

Hopefully people actually look into my ideas and maybe pursue the same dreams. I know about 30,000 other students at Cal State Long Beach are following the same route as I am (not to mention the millions more in our education system). I invite anyone that has hopes of a bright future to join the party.

Oh by the way. My cousin Fernando built my first computer. Got me rolling on basically what will be my career.

Here’s the thing too. If I don’t keep doing as well as I have been. I not only have to answer to my mom and dad, but also to my sister. Now, I know you’ve all probably been thoroughly put in your place by my sister on many occasions. So you all know how I have a lot of incentive to continue to excel in everything I do.

For anybody looking into joining the Affluence Revolution, look up these keywords:
- Personal Responsibility
- Family
- Individual
- Entrepreneurship
- Education

Anonymous said...

To the previous comment,

It's funny but when I read about your upbringing and all the "incentives" you received for las calificaciones, I wish that I had those same things as you. My father worked long hours and sacrificed all he could for us to provide us with all the basic neccesities for school. Did I want those things like video games and stuff like that? Hell yes! But our family understood that some things were just more important. He never allowed us to forget where we came from and that we had a social responsibility to help those that are less fortunate than us.

I work as an educator in the district and I see it as a social responsibility to help these young people succeed in life. Do I care where they came from? No, because that is not my job. I'm not "The Migra". My job is to educate.

You and I are lucky that we have a strong family unit. Many of these kids today don't have that. They don't have that "American" ideal family that you and I have. Could it be a product of the Latino family assimilating into the Anglo concept of Divorce? For many of us in the educational community, we are the defacto parent. Many times we are the only person able to help our parents and students. Do you know how often I am asked to help people fill-out forms and papers, or asked for assistance on things that have not one thing to do with education? I do it with pleasure because I know that many years ago someone took the time to help mis padres, mis tios, mis primos with this same issues. Again social responsibility!!!

I knew from an early age that education was my ticket out of Lynwood. You and I were fortunate to be identified as GATE at an early age, tracked into an academic program, and served by some exceptional teachers. But you and I are the exceptions. Most kids are not GATE. You say that all students had the same opportunities as you, PLEASE!! Just by being in a GATE program changed our opportunities. We were exposed to different curriculum, differentiated instruction, probably went on many fieldtrips with the GATE kids.

Like you, I was motivated to do well in school, but not by material objects like game boys and other stuff. I was motivated to succeed because I was doing it to help my parents in the future, to recognize and affirm that their struggles as immigrants meant something, to be a voice for those people who couldn't speak English (like me), to live the American dream. Yet, I never let my nationality dictate how I treated others. I am a human being first and foremost and I could never forget that. Did I feel this way as I grew up. Not really, I had to grow as a person and become self-aware. It took the ooportunity to teach in a bilingual classroom for me to see things in a whole, new perspective. I was a Republican, voted for Bush 1, concerned with money, and thought that social programs were a waste of money. But when I started teaching, the kids were in the same boat as me a long time ago. Their parents were my parents, their diffculties were my difficulties, they were going through what I went through. Were they striving for a better life, trying to make it in the USA, you bet!!! It was then that I realized that I had a responsibility to help my community. I didn't see them as the cause of society's ills but as human beings who deserved an opportunity to do well, to fix what is broken.

You say you only have to answer to your mom, dad, and sister. Very true, but I also have to answer to that kid in my class, the parent who needs a helping hand, the kid who is in trouble and needs some guidance.

As far as your Affluence Revolution, those are the same tired talking points that Republicans always use to remove any sense of personal responsibility when dealing with society. All those key words apply to me as well, however, I CHOOSE apply those words to help my others in my community. It took me awhile to realize that, let's hope you do to because you would be a good role model for a young person in Lynwood, you just have to check their immigrant status first right??!!!

Anonymous said...

To the previous poster,

I find it amusing how some people are so simple minded so as to immediately break things down to party lines. May I respectfully ask: Who the fuck was talking about Republicans?

The ideals being argued by E-Hog are specific to him, and I seriously doubt, particularly from personally knowing E-Hog that all of his views are perfectly in line with the platform of the Republican party. Furthermore, there are those who share Edgar's position and do not necessarily identify themselves as Republicans. A bit of advice: Don't assume. Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups.

While your attempts to help others, particularly those less fortunate, is a noble one, let us also remember the familiar proverb regarding good intentions and the role they play in constructing the "road to hell." Personally, I have nothing against you wishing to help people, etc. etc.

Financial Aid was created with good intention of increasing the graduation rate from higher level institutions. After 30 years or so, the graduation rate remains constant. The only thing that's gone up is the number of enrollments. If you put those statistics on a graph you'll find that there's a delta to be accounted for. The word "drop-out" comes to mind.

The key to education is parenting. But of course, we can't talk about parenting because god forbid that the parent who works two jobs might get offended that we point out their irresponsibility.

The truth is that these parents don't get two jobs to make ends meet, they get two jobs so that they can continue to afford luxuries for themselves (luxuries which they later justify as necessities).

There is no way in hell that a family of 4, with two parents working above minimum wage jobs should have financial troubles. With adequate financial management (seeking this is a responsibility of the parents) they should make things work just fine.

Now, if you're gonna give me the "what if they work min. wage" -- then I'll tell you that's a double irresponsiblity. First and foremost, minimum wage jobs are not intended to be for heads of households. If they had this job and though themselves able to start a family with it, that's an irresponsibility. If they got this job after they started a family, that's an even greater irresponsibility. Finally, I'll use a quote you might be familiar with -- "they're taking jobs away" from teenagers, and unexperienced workers. Because, that's who those jobs are intended to accomodate.

The problem is that girls (not responsible enough to be called women) in the area think that kids are an accessory (much like a handbag) and that it is their sacred right to have a child if they want one. They never stop to think what responsibilities are inherent and once the child is born and they get tired of how "cute" he or she is then they want to go back to being teenagers.

And well, we have all kinds of handouts to help them, so they do.

We're sponsoring this kind of behavior, not helping these people.

As for those kids in the video: Where are their parents? Not home. They're working, because they have payments to make on the new Troca that they couldn't afford but bought anyway.

Anonymous said...

Previous post,

in response:

"The truth is that these parents don't get two jobs to make ends meet, they get two jobs so that they can continue to afford luxuries for themselves (luxuries which they later justify as necessities)".

How can you say that I'm the one assuming anything when you whole argument is based on the assumption that people work not for the basic necessities but to pay for material objects. How the fuck can you say so something so inherently stupid, immature, and close-minded? How can you also say that a family of 4 with two minimum wage earners not be able to make ends meet? Yes, minimum wage is not intended for head of households, but intended does not equate to the real world. See you can look at statistics all you want but not all statistics can explain what is happening in the real world. I can look at a graph and say numbers don't lie, But we can manipulate numbers anyway we like. Unexplainable trends (like the housing bubble) can not be explained mathematically but you're telling me that the rising costs of home ownership, the rising costs of rent doesn't play a significant factor in a family of 4 being able to make ends meet. What about the volatility of the gas prices? You're saying that doesn't affect that family of four. I dare you to go say that my parents, to my wife's parents, to my students' parents, it's easy to make comments when you have not lived or live through the struggles of others. Have you ever talked to many of these minimum wage earners? Are you telling me that your parents, grandparents didn't struggle? See, I had the opportunity to see where my parents came from. So whenever I get a little to full of myself I remember my parents and i get put back in my place. My dad told me "go to school so you don't have to work as hard as I did". I went to college, received my post-graduate degree, various credentials, etc. but I never, ever forgot the struggles my parents went through to get me in a position to succeed. I try to instill that philosophy into my students because I want them to succeed. Like I said in my earlier post, it took me a while to realize that I had a social responsibility to help others.

See my family struggled to make ends meet. My dad worked 60-70 hours to make it, in order for us to have the basics for school. A luxury for us was going to the McDonald's on Atlantic after going to church. See I can't look at someone working minimum wage with contempt. I have achieved the "American" dream, my parents are proud of me, I give to my community, but I never forgot where I came from. See, my accomplishments are my parent's accomplishments, my grandparents', etc. Their struggles and sacrifices made me.

The funny thing is you never really answered my post for your friend. People are always quick to blame society's ills on the less-fortunate, the immigrant, the elderly, the student, but my main point is where is his and your's sense of social responsibility? Did you ever help someone fill out a job application, persuade a young person from having sex, be a mentor, or are those not your problems because its beneath your class status because you made it?

Aide Castro said...

Since I was brought up in the prior comments I feel the need to give my opinion. I'll agree that sometimes we end up in a bad situation because of the choices we make. But I really believe that what the teacher is saying hits the nail on the head. All I can say is that because I know my brother (EHOG) I can assure you that he has a sense of what social responsibility is. Because of the bad decisions I made in my past, I at one point was that single mother who needed help. The last thing I needed was some snot nose know it all kid to judge me. When I was finally able to better my situation, thanks to the support of my family and friends who helped me with out judging me, I swore to help any other person in need when ever possible. In closing I will say that as we all mature we view things differently. Remember were you came from. Remember your struggles. Remember the struggles of others. Think before you speak. Be sympathetic, because you never know if it might be you in the gutter needing help. Everyone deserves a second chance and a helping hand no matter what. No excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aide Castro said...

Failure humbled me. Success made me appreciative.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Professor:

My parents didn't work minimum wage jobs. That's because there's no mimimum wage for taxi drivers in Mexico, and well, that applies to my dad -- my mom never worked because they thought it was more important that they watch over me and my sister.

So on a taxi driver's income, my dad was making ends meet for my 2 older brothers, myself, and my sister.

I don't have contempt for those who reach a point where they touch bottom. I have contempt for those who find it perfectly acceptable to stay there, and those that make excuses for them.

Read again. 1 parent income, taxi driver, 4 kids.

Yet, just 8 years later my dad had established and operated a successful partnership in Mexico City that had multi-million dollar contracts with Government Agencies, Airlines, and other giant firms.

But that still wasn't cutting it for my dad. So we packed up and came to the states. And he once again had to start from the bottom.

He didn't know English, he had no valid high school diploma, no work history, no work experience.

And today, 12 years later, he's the general manager at a multimillion dollar company in LAX and is on the verge of an executive position.

Me? I learn from these examples and I honor them. Most people reading this had cribs and cradles, at least warm blankets. I had a mattress on the floor with my parents.

I identify with you saying that McDonald's was a luxury, but it wasn't something that we were willing to accept.

I also applaud you for telling your students to value the efforts of parents. I have no objection to this. The thing is though, I was friends with your students, hell I don't know who you are, I might have been one of your students. And I say to you again, from first hand observation:

"The truth is that these parents don't get two jobs to make ends meet, they get two jobs so that they can continue to afford luxuries for themselves (luxuries which they later justify as necessities)".

Like I said, I have no resentment or issues with those who find themselves at the bottom at some point of their lives. But I do have problems with those who think its acceptable to stay there and expect society to feel sorry for you, and with those who make excuses for them.

But lets get to your questions:

But my main point is where is his and your's sense of social responsibility?

- I won't speak for E-HOG. As for myself, I do what I can to help those that I can help.

The best ways I can help people is to continue on my path, (College-student, double majoring, btw, me and my sister are paying full-price for college STILL on a single income) to provide an example for others.

Often, my professors from high school refer students to me (who don't have papers, and need help getting into school) -- I do what I can.

Did you ever help someone fill out a job application, persuade a young person from having sex, be a mentor

Yes, I did.
Yes, I did.
Yes, I do.

or are those not your problems because its beneath your class status because you made it?

I haven't made it, and I already answered your three questions. What's next? Are you going to chastize me 'cuz I didn't say bless-you to the old lady at the park?

I'm willing to extend a helping hand, but my helping hand is only helpful when those I help recognize it as a helping hand and not as divine intervention.

There are no excuses for those who dwell at the bottom.


E-HOG said...

To the “Educator”:
I’m going to say it again. Yes everyone has had the same opportunities presented to them as I did. I know everyone has the opportunity to take the GATE entrance exams. It’s as easy as asking your favorite teacher to recommend you. By High School, they didn’t even care of you were certified for honors courses. They let anyone in.
How about all the other opportunities the students have to excel? Let’s say… AVID (Did I mention I spent two years as an AVID tutor). You know, the program that is supposedly designed to take C or below average students and turn them into A students. How come more of these poor deprived students are striving oh so hard for a better life aren’t flooding these classes?
You’re an educator in this district? I wouldn’t go around bragging too much about that considering your performance scores this last year. Could you explain to me what happened there? Why are your school performance scores so low? If you’re doing so well at fulfilling your “Social Responsibility”, what’s happening?
Yeah, that’s great that you’re helping them with “forms and papers”. Again, judging from the test scores, the students could use some of that Social Responsibility of yours through you doing your job first.
In 2005 while I was a liaison during WASC accreditation letting them in on all the failures of the school district. Where were you to making sure WASC addressed the issues our school had? Or were you too busy being part of the dog and pony show that the district put on for them during the week? Where was your social responsibility then huh?
You know how strange it is to be nineteen and have all sorts of people coming to you for advice or assistance?
Nineteen and having professionals hire you to write important documents for them. Being pulled out of class because a teacher across campus needs their computer fixed and the school can’t get a tech down there until 3 months later or repairing people’s computers for no charge so they can get their homework done.
Come to think of it, maybe you know a little something about teachers selling school computers to students and then charging them to repair them after the computers crash a month later.
Helping out fill out forms is all fine and dandy. But as an adult, you’re capable of way more. How many times did you show up at student parties to be a chaperone? Where were you on Cinco de Mayo when Urias lost his nerve and tossed the campus into chaos? Where were you when your fellow educators were being persecuted they were trying to help the school? How many clubs have you sponsored so your students could participate in?
Why are you looking for a ticket out of Lynwood? I thought you were so into social responsibility? Why don’t you stick around so you can really help? I guess you felt too classy with your little diploma for this dump huh? Look at you.
The fact that you even have to act as a “defacto parent” only proves my point further. We have a serious problem in this community where parents are failing to fulfill their responsibilities as such. The idea that somehow because they’re working twelve hour shifts immunes parents from criticism is nuts. If you know you can’t afford to provide for your children, why are you cranking out kids?
Checking people’s immigration status? I’m not the one advocating to report students that live within the jurisdiction of other school districts be reported and forced into a school that’s even worse than Lynwood. That was your team cheering on for that.
You’re right; you do have to answer to that kid in your class. That is your student. You’re being paid very well to sit behind your desk and command your students to do worksheets for an hour everyday. I applaud your efforts.
The housing bubble was unexplained? I thought that was just an s-load of people buying up houses because Americans were making more money than ever. Isn’t that basic Supply and Demand? I guess I’ll strike Economics out of the possibility of disciplines you teach.
So what is someone that can only hold down a minimum wage job doing having a bunch of kids? I make less than minimum wage, and I wouldn’t fathom having a kid until I have a stable financial situation so I can actually raise the kid under decent condition. Oh but how dare we say that this person should of planned ahead.
Okay, so you haven’t forgotten that your parents struggled. Seems, you haven’t struggled very much at all in that case. Why aren’t you telling your students the same thing about going to school and getting all those neat little certificates you’ve got? Why aren’t you the best teacher in the whole damn world if you feel so adamant to help your students?
Who’s looking at anybody with contempt? You’re the one saying you were in such a rush to get the hell out of here.
So far, you’ve offered no solutions for the problems we have in this community. But of course you still feel high and mighty with your degrees.
Isn’t it funny how you literally admit to following those same philosophical ideals about personal responsibility and emphasis on family, yet, you don’t agree to convincing people to focus on those same values for their own success? You must be a really selfish person to think you’re the only one that deserves that success.

Good Night.

Anonymous said...


I'm an educator in this district because it is important to me to help my community in which I grew up and eventhough I don't live there anymore I spend a large amount of my day in "The Wood". You're right, our test scores are shit!!! I'll be the first to admit it, but you can't blame a district-wide problem on just me. It is depressing to see those test scores this year, and it is easy to blame this person and that person, but you know what we all share in the blame and responsibility for that. But look at the scores closely. Where are most of the problems in our district? They are concentrated in the secondary schools. You're telling me that this is a new problem. You don't think the school board knew about this this year, last year, 5 years ago? Perfect example is LMS. That school has been underperforming since it was created about 5-6 years ago. It was plagued with problems (bad teachers, bad environment, etc.) and the school board knew it. When the school brought in Mr. Newell, he turned the school around in terms of performance on State exam. 3 years ago the school posted a 15 point growth on their API and a 60 point growth the next year. Guess what, new district admins. he had to "leave" the district. His replacement causes major upheaval (justified or not, that is not for me to say) and the school drops 59 points on the API. My point being that there is no consistency in Leadership in the district and at the school sites. Good administrators placed in near impossible situations, people replaced not because of incompetence but because of personality issues with board members, district personnel, and hanger-ons. Yes, there are some bad teachers out there. I'm not going to defend those people. I remember teachers like Cheoros, Budak, Lewis, Cambell, Mc Cann, etc., who were great, made you think, and cared. I pattern myself after them because they were of great help to me and they did not sit behind a desk all day. You have no idea who I am, but I am not the typical "Lynwood" teacher you think I am. I do chaperone dances, attend events. Everything I have said about being a part of the community is true, I don't say it just to say it. I do what I can, when I can and always do the best possible job I can, ask any of my students and parents. But hey, that's just me!!!

You dont think that there are people in the district who do bring up the problems to those responsible. You know where those people are: reassigned, demoted, "left" the district, I could go on and on.

As far as those teachers doing all those things you mentioned with computers and stuff, you think that I am happy about that. That stuff is meant for students to use to learn, not for someone to make a profit. That is a disgrace. Like I said before, I'm not the typical "Lynwood" teacher. I like to associate myself with teachers who care, do their jobs well, and participate in the community. We are out there EHOG, just ask the students, they know who we are.

As far as "getting out of Lynwood", like I said before, I had to become self-aware and see that I had to give back to my community. As a matter of fact, I spend most of my day in Lynwood. I work here and my parents still live here. You dont think I am asked constantly why I'm still working in Lynwood? You know what I say, the kids need me. Lynwood may have its faults, but I still enjoy being a part of the community. Yeah, I guess I'm too classy for this dump because of my little "paper", that's why I'm still here!!! Right????

But you know what Ehog, I think you and I have a lot of things in common. Although we may disagree on many issues (actually just see them differently) I am impressed with how you defend yourself, how well you write, and that you have a strong belief system. You are what the LUSD should aspire all their students to be:informed, independent, and with conviction. I also would like to say that you have probably judged me on my professional ethics and responsibility because of my job and some assumptions about Lynwood teachers (many do care, we're just not the ones in the photo-ops), but you know what, I am guilty of that as well with you. So I will apologize for that. I think you would be a great mentor for our kids, hopefully you are. I try to be one as well. Thanks for the great conversation.

Anonymous said...

I live in the city of Lynwood and attend Lynwood High School. I've read all of these comments and I agree with what people say about our school and our youth. I also believe that some of the cities board members do not really care about the city itself, but only of the money the are making.