Friday, August 18, 2006

Water Rates Increased Approved

Lynwood, CA - Local newspaper reports that the Lynwood City Council approved an increase in water rates.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of accusing previous councilmembers for not raising water rates, the present city council should look at themselves and their spending; they might find the answer for the city needing more money. Previous councilmembers never had personal assistants. I sure hope they would be able to walk in the community and explain the senior citizens about new eating habits, because any spending money they might have will go into putting money in the city's reserves or getting new personal assistants. Poor city of Lynwood, it has the worst group of people in its community as councilmembers.

Anonymous said...

This will never end untill the people of Lynwood Wake up.
When the 30% rate increase shows in the water/sewer bill manny residents are going to think that it was caused due to the Summer high consumption and is going to take another 2-4 months before they even relized it.
That is exactly what Council members had in mind when propossed by staff.
Lynwood have what it deserves! for not getting envolved, I feel sorry for our community.
They claim that the anouncement was in the water bill, all I remenber is the fliyer from the city manager.
Getting credit for some unfinished projects and taking credit for programs already in place.
We need to form a goup to protect the community from this "HWY ROBERY" strong enough with not compadres in the city council and to file a law-suit against the City/Council eg. For miss management of Public Funds! and stop the abuse.
Force council members to give up Personal assistants/body guards and excessive travel not until then we can say that voters have the power.
We need a referendum SOOOON, Right now we don't have but a bunch of Thives!!

Lynwood Watch Dog

Anonymous said...

DONT BLAME THE COMMUNITY!!!WE ARE TO BUSY TRYING TO PAY FOR PROPERTY TAXES AND PRAYING OUR CHILDREN AREN'T KILLED BY A STRAY BULLET. yOU SO CALLED LEADERS SHOULD BE OUT TALKING WITH THE COMMUNITIY. my people are just trying to get through the day . WE depend on individuals that wan't to sit on the council. Our council members are a disgrace to this community and all the senior citizens who have laid the foundation in this city.When you don't care about the livlyhood of thousands of seniors, you've lost it all together!!!! You councilmembers are so out of touch with life!!!! signd one
..low income senior citizen.

Anonymous said...

A public information request on the following (for each elected official):
travel (2005) July 05 - June 06
travel (2006) YTD
personal assistants
body guards

Sounds like a good plan to me!

Anonymous said...

The public request for travel should be done for Louise Byrd, Alfreddie Johnson, and Fernando Pedroza. These bastards are really getting out of control when it comes to traveling.

They have no consideration for us poor residents. This is the reason why council approved to amend the Traveling Resolution from a "Calendar year to a Fiscal Year."

They also approved to REMOVE certain clauses from the old resolution. Main one is to not keep track of any Conferences they attend. Which means that they can go anywhere in the country and spend 3 to 4 thousand per conference and it will never be part of the budget set aside for their travel and meetings. They can spend 50 thousand for conferences and there will never be any cap because of what they did. We all know that Conferences is where all the money is chewed up from, but with this new resolution council will stay below their budget for travel.

And to think that the ignorant Alfreddie Johnson had the nerve to mention in the council meeting that "HE WAS NOT GOING TO PAY THE PRICE FOR ANY PREVIOUS COUNCIL'S ACTIONS OR MISTAKES".


We all know Louise Byrd is a good for nothing piece of crap that is only in office to travel and play golf.


Anonymous said...

Do the travel request for all 5 councilmembers, this way there will not be any "favoritism".

Anonymous said...

I thought Sylvia Ortiz was doing the public request for all council's travel expenses?

I would think she has the results by now.

Is there anyway she can publish them on the blog. This way we can see who the real thieves are in the City of Lynwood.

To no surprise, I can pretty much guarantee that the crooks will be Louis Byrd, Fernando Pedroza, and Alfreddy Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Here is something I red a while ago in the PressTelegram news paper on 03/05/05.


One is to increase services and the
Voters need to ask witch is the case in this instance.
Likewise before voting for any candidate, their Fiscal wisdom needs to investigated!

By Fernado A. Ravessound MD
Long Beach California

Something to think about on our next election/recall.

Lynwood Watch Dog!

Anonymous said...

Council's Travel and Meeting expense reports should be sought at the end of the year, not in the middle of the year.

This way we can actually compare and create a worksheet and pass it on to the residents of Lynwood to "SHOW THEM WHO THE REAL CROOKS ARE AND HOW MUCH THEY SPEND FOR THE YEAR."

I've heard that FERNANDO PEDROZA has been running a muck and TRAVELING AS IF HE HIT THE LOTTERY.

If this is true, somebody better put a stop to this no good bastard. He is out of control.

DA where are you, please save us from this NO GOOD CORRUPT PERVERT.