Monday, May 07, 2007

Senior Center Opens

Lynwood, CA - Local newspaper reports on opening of Lynwood's Senior Center.

Read story here.


Anonymous said...

Greg Wood(nt)s

We're still watching. People are gonna know about you guys...

What's the matter Phatis...they finally put you to work and you cant handle it?

Hey Everyone!

Please dont take my word for this. Dont accuse of me of being racist.

ASK AROUND! You will see what we are talking about. Ask co-workers, supervisors patrons... they will tell what they have seen and know about the TOO LAZY CREW.

Anonymous said...

goooooooooooddddddd now Philis cooper can have something to do

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? she's on Stress Leave.

She was finally put to work and is gonna try to sue the city!

I dont know how these "church goers" sleep at night!

BUT there time will come...SOON

Anonymous said...

Hey Phatis!

Here's your case against Lynwood:

Count #1 - Undue pressure to read and write

Count #2 - Unrealistic expectations to actually perform work between normal business hours.

Count #3 - Intentional interference of four hour lunches with Lorene Reed.

Count #4 - Defamation of my useless reputation.

Count #5 - Failure to allow my nepotism with my husband.

Count #6 - Fraud and deceit - When I was hired (by richards and company) I was told I wouldnt have to work

Count #7 - Failure to provide me with free food at all city events

Count #8 - Intentional intereference of future income - Where else can I get paid for not doing sh!t?

WATCH OUT LYNWOOD...PHATIS HAS A CASE! Get ready to pay dearly!

Anonymous said...

phyills cooper is the biggest tax burden for lynwood residents

this cow cant use a computer, can barely read and write and makes a manager salary!!!!!!

she eats lunch 4x daily (for over half the day) complains about anything and everything to deflect attention from her incompedence

she runs and crys to council whenever someone tries to put her fat ugly ass to work, then she allges that she is being "stressed out"

she consantly parades her worthless self in front of council, to pretend like she is actually working. council for some reason, lets her feel like she is important.

she is hated by the majority of both seniors and fellow empolyess.

she is a waste of human life. they really should shoot the person who hired her and then really shoot the person who made her a manager.

phyills do us and yourself a favor, go to hometown buffet and eat yourself until you expolde.

s a v e l y n w o o d

the watcher

Anonymous said...


Jean is not writing this stuff about you. She probably doesnt even own a dam computer...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You people should stop wasting space on this blog .No one gives a shit about Kanisha or Phillis. They're not residents here. You got issues go to your union rep or the city manager,council ect....
Your becoming annoying!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wasting space?

Do you read the blog?

Some of the most moronic things I have ever heard are posted here.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

'Revolutions come and go, along with their leaders-and they all steal your chickens''

(We just got to pick the ones who say "thank you" when they do, or at the very least “lube” you when they rape you.)

"The Assassin"
A Mystery Candidate
Narco sponsored and supported
Who will let you keep half of your chickens.

Todos son unos “culeros”! - It’s just a matter of degrees. ("assholes" for the English only crowd)

Culero#1: Leticia (Black Momma) Vasquez
Culero#2: Ramon (Mamón) Rodriguez
Culero#3: Maria “Baños de Pureza” Santillan
Culero#4: Alfreddie (Pimp Daddy) Johnson
Culero#5: Jose “Gay” Salache
Culero#6: Fernando (Ya no me Jalo” Pedroza
Culero#7: Louis (It Wasn’t Me) Byrd
Culero#8: Mark “Mama’s boy” Flores
Culero#9: Jim (Protitution Parlors) Morton
Culero#10: Edwin (Masturbator) Jacinto
Culera#11: Patricia (Psycho) Carr
Culero#12: Katherine (Jemima) Amey
Culero#13: Aide (Power Hungry) Castro
Culero#14: Juan (Tranzas) Enciso
Culero#15: Salvador (Loser) Alatorre
Culero#16: Jonathan “Kiss Ass” Colin

Que pinche asco de autodenominados lideres!

Anonymous said...



Still Watching said...

I’m calling for our Black and Hispanic leaders to step down.

Their leadership is stale. Their ideas are outdated. And they don’t give a damn about us.

We need to take a cue from White America and re-elect our leadership every four years. White folks realize that power corrupts. That’s why they placed term limits on the presidency. They know if you leave a man in power too long he quits looking out for the interest of his constituency and starts looking out for his own best interest.

We’ve turned Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Gloria Molina, Richard Alarcon, Louis Byrd and PORNOZA into Supreme Court justices. They get to speak for us for a lifetime.


If judged by the results they’ve produced the last 15 years, you’d have to regard their administrations as total failures. Seriously, compared to Martin and Chavez and the freedoms and progress their leadership produced, our current leaders are an embarrassment.

Their jobs the last couple of decades were to show black and brown people how to take advantage of the opportunities Martin and Chavez won.

Rather than inspire us to seize hard-earned opportunities, our current leaders have specialized in blackmailing white people for profit and attention. They were at it again recently, helping to turn radio DJ Don Imus’ stupidity into a world-wide crisis...

Hey, what Imus said, calling the Rutgers players "nappy-headed hos," was ignorant, insensitive and offensive. But so are many of the words that come out of the mouths of other media, politicians and “leaders”.

His words did no real damage. Let me tell you what did damaged us this: the covers of local papers plastered with the stories and pictures of our local Mayor and council. By my count, they were all black and brown.

You want to talk about a damaging, powerful image, an image that went out across the country?

We’re mad about people like Imus when the behavior of our leadership is lawless and immoral. Come on. We can do better than that. But yet BOTH Byrd and PORNOZA were RE-ELECTED!

Had Imus’ poor attempt at humor not been turned into an international incident by the deluge of media coverage, 97 percent of America would’ve never known what Imus said.

Have you ever heard his show? EXACTLY!

The persuaded insistence by those young women that they have been emotionally scarred by an old white man with no currency in their world is laughably dishonest.

Our peoples can’t win the war over disrespect and racism when we have so obviously and blatantly surrendered the moral high ground on the issue. Shouting “Racist!” might win the battle of some lazy and irresponsible staff keeping their jobs or elected offices. But the war? We don’t stand a chance in the war.

We have more important issues to deal with than hearing some of you talk about whom is the best looking staff person or what a council member wears. If we are unwilling to clean up the filth and disrespect we heap ON EACH OTHER, nothing will change with our condition. You can fire every white person in the country, and Black and Brown incarceration rates, illiteracy rate and murder rate will still continue to skyrocket.

A man who doesn’t respect himself wastes his breath demanding that others respect him.

We don’t respect ourselves right now. If we did, we wouldn’t call each other these nasty, hateful names.

If we had the proper level of self-respect, we wouldn’t act like it’s only a crime when a white man disrespects us. We hold whites to a higher standard than we hold ourselves. That’s a F@CKN’ shame!

We need leadership that is interested in fixing the culture we’ve adopted. We need leadership that makes all of us take tremendous pride in educating ourselves.

It’s time for our current leadership to step down. They’ve had years to lead us. Other than their bookkeepers, I’d be hard pressed to find someone who has benefited from their administration.

- Still Watching

Anonymous said...

Johnathan Colin for city council!!!

Anonymous said...

Andrea Hooper doesn't know Sh!t....All she knows how to do is B*TCH and whine to council. She also likes to harass city employees. I heard Andrea is running for city council. I just hope this whore doesn't win. What she needs to do is retire and do the community a favor.

She is the dumbest City Clerk in the history of lynwood.....Hell....she's THE ONLY CITY CLERK IN THE HISTORY OF LYNWOOD!!!!!

I think Andrea Hooper was actually the one that founded the city of lynwood back in the 1920's when she was in her early twenties!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Alex's been fingered!!!!!