Tuesday, June 02, 2009

14 Students from Firebaugh High Cal State Northridge

Lynwood, CA- California State University reports that 14 students from Firebaugh High will attend Cal-State Northridge.

Read story here.


Anonymous said...

Positive stories get no love on this blog!

Dear Blogmaster person,
Make the titles sound more negative for Lynwood Watch regulars to leave comments. This is why the media likes negative stories. People ignore them.

If this said "14 students drop out and go to prison", then we would have a bunch of comments up in here. Sad!

Anonymous said...

So, 14 students go to cal state, why is this suppose to be a big deal? It is sad only 14 made it, it should have been a lot more.

Anonymous said...

People are stupid!!! It makes me so sad that people with these mentalities live in Lynwood!!! So what if 14 kids are going to Cal State Northridge, leave Mr Blogmaster person alone!! Just because most of Lynwood kids end up in jail or on welfare, don't hate on the kids that are doing something with their lives!!! I mean if your kids are pregnant at 15 or in jail, well too bad for you but YAY to those kids who are going to Cal State Northridge!!! I wish them success and good luck for all their hard work!!! They will be truly blessed unlike the kids of these parents with poor ghetto mentalities who thrive off of the negative crap that goes on in their lives and want to make everyone around them miserable!!!

Anonymous said...

8:59 July 10

You agree with me and don't even know it.
I just made it more clear and short.
14 students is not enough, versus all the ones who will end up in gangs, prisons on drugs and in some cases dead.
The negative things have to be talked about more, so people of Lynwood get an idea of the odds, and hopefully realize what a problem we have and do something about it.