Monday, January 31, 2005

Century Sheriff's Station Presents Gang Suppression, and District Improvement Proposal

Lynwood, CA- The Century Station Sheriff's Department is proposing to increment deputies to improve safety by implementing a Business District Improvement Plan and a Gang Suppression Unit.

The Business Improvement Plan proposes to create a team that will enforce issues along the major business streets of Lynwood, specifically, Long Beach Blvd, Atlantic Avenue, and Plaza Mexico. The idea behind the creation of a response team for the business sector is to create a safer environment that will ultimately increase business.

In an effort to produce the necessary resources to achieve the implementation of these programs, the Lynwood City Council is proposing, amongst other cuts, to lay off several City employees.

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Anonymous said...

I simply don't get it! If the City does pass this proposal to hire more SHERIFF'S to patrol the City, why does it have to include PLAZA MEXICO. Isn't it bad enough the city has funded for most of its construction.

Why can't PLAZA MEXICO pay for a couple of SHERIFF'S themselves. Afterall, I'm sure this business makes alot of money, but pays no taxes to the City.

What is it going to take for Council to implement its city codes and make PLAZA MEXICO pay TAXES to the City and the money that it owes.


Lisa P. said...

You are right! You just dont get it...Listen closely you dummy:

(1)The money is not just for the Plaza!

(2) If the City lets Plaza Mexico die on the vine we will NEVER see any of the millions we have invested in the project! That project is the cornerstone for the rest of the development in Lynwood now and in the future!

So like today's kids say, "stop hating". Stop your bitching and do something for this community.

- Lisa P.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa P., Or so you claim to be name.

You are right about one thing, millions have been invested into "the swapmeet."

I don't know who you are, but you must have some kind of interest for the so called "PLAZA MEXICO."
You are surely an idiot if you think that this swapmeet is going to benefit the city or the community, when the ones benefiting are Donald Chae, Fernando Pedroza, Leticia Vazquez, and Louis Byrd. Everyone knows that DONALD CHAE has these politicians in his pocket. They are his puppets, in case you didn't know.

You tell me you smart anal, how is the city going to benefit when this "swapmeet" is doing business in the City of Lynwood without paying any taxes. Sure you might argue that the money is coming from the State, but listen you idiot, I think the money could have been far better spent. How can you say its money well spent, its only being spent in one location...the money should be distributed to other parts of the city.

Then again, you might say....hey, we are getting people from other cities to come to Lynwood and shop, but like I told you before you moron, In what way is the city or the government benefiting? When taxes are not paid for every purchase that is made....The only ones that pay taxes from PLAZA MEXICO are the ACTUAL STORES, but all of the small businesses inside the main SWAPMEET BUILDING do not pay taxes. I've been there a couple of times before and can attest that reciepts are not given to customers that buy merchandize.

There is no way you can compare PLAZA MEXICO with the MALLS in Downey, Cerritos, or Lakewood. We don't need people from other cities to come into an already congested Lynwood and patronize a crooked and corrupt business like PLAZA MEXICO!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hasta que alguien escribio algo verdadero sobre plaza mexico. te felicito...

Anonymous said...